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Thicker Than Water
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Pages: 272
Rating: 3.29

Original Title Thicker Than Water

ISBN 1595141235 (ISBN13: 9781595141231 )

Edition Language English

Young Adult :: Teen :: Fantasy :: Fiction :: Romance :: Paranormal :: Contemporary :: Vampires

Book description:

Seventeen-year-old Kia barely survived her parents’ divorce several years ago. Now her mom is in the hospital battling cancer and Kia is stuck with her workaholic father, leaving her searching for an escape from the everyday horrors of her life.

She finds this escape with a group of people acting out a dark fantasy. These “vampires” spend all night in dark clubs, wearing gothic outfits, and even baring fake fangs. But when Kia meets Damon, she begins to wonder if maybe a true vampire exists among them, one who could be the answer to all of her problems . . .

Book Authors:

Carla Jablonski

Carla Jablonski is the writer and editor of tonss of best-selling books for teenage and middle-grade readers. She grew up in New York City, where she attended public schools and the Bronx High School of Science. She has a BA in anthropology from Vassar College and an MA from NYU 's Gallatin School, an interdisciplinary plan for which she combined playwriting, the history of gender issues in 19th Century Circus, and humanistic disciplines disposal. I wanted to compose the drama, contextualize the drama, and larn how to bring forth the drama for my grade, she explains. I think I may hold been the happiest alumnus pupil at NYU -- I SO loved working toward my thesis.While still in graduate school she supported herself as the editor of The Hardy Boys Mysteries. When I interviewed for the occupation they asked me if I 'd of all time read the Hardy Boys as a child. 'No manner, ' I scoffed. 'Those are BOY books! It was Nancy Drew for me! ' Luckily my future foreman had a sense of wit. She hired me after I promised I 'd read the books if I got the job.She has participated in the celebrated Breadloaf Writers ' Conference every bit good as Zoetrope 's All-Story extremely competitory composing workshop held at Francis Ford Coppella 's resort in Belize. She has taught composing for the kids 's market, every bit good as cold-reading accomplishments for instructors as portion of Undertaking: Read. Several of her books have been selected as portion of the Accelerated Reader 's program.She continues to work free-lance as an editor for publishing houses and for private clients, even as she writes novels and creates new series. She besides has another calling ( and individuality! ) as a dramatist, an actress, and a trapeze performing artist. I try to maintain the universes separate, she explains about her multiple individualities. The different work I do has different audiences, so I want to maintain them apart. But they 're all me -- they 're all ways of showing what I 'm believing and feeling -- merely in different mediums.

Thicker Than Water Essay

Do n't read it unless you like terminations that let you down... I get the whole world V fantasy thing, but this book was a waste of clip. And how the writer thought this was appropriate authorship for childs, is beyond me. The whole thought that a child would believe lamias exist and at no point did any of the other characters explain that it was role-playing, is non realistic, at all. I know it 's fiction, but this was pathetic, at best. This book truly drew me in, and when I thought the stoping would be typical I was drawn into a really deep emotion. Its nice to read a book that is n't afraid to allow you down or interrupt the thaumaturgy. This book entirely makes Carla Jablonski one of my favourite writers and I ever recommend this book. This was n't what I thought it was traveling to be. It was really sort of strange. I was anticipating a book about lamias, and as it turns out, lamias do n't exsist. It was n't precisely a secret plan turn, but I think it was an interesting manner to travel since there are so many books out at that place about lamias or wolfmans. The book was all right, but if you 're looking for a good lamia narrative to drop your dentitions into, you may desire to look somehwere else. Spoiler! So I 'm making this 4 stars non 5 since I started reading this book because I thought it was a Gothic phantasy. But truly it’s a realistic novel. Which honeys I have had adequate dirt like this traveling on in my life, I do n't necessitate the books I read to acquire off from my life to besides hold the same thing go oning in them. The first book a read when I decided to acquire into reading, and it was a awful start. Such a eldritch fantasy book. I read this during my, scene yearss in in-between school back when I was holding a adolescent angst-ridden individuality crisis. Whenever I would experience entirely, I would plane through the pages and immediately experience relieved to cognize I was non. I exhaustively enjoyed Kia 's battle for self credence and security as I 've dealt with both losing aspects my full life. The secret plan and duologue can be cheesy and tiresome at times, but I love this book abundantly since I relate ( vitamin D ) to it. Good book, I couldnt take my eyes off of the pages... . This book is suspensful, challenging, and besides interestiong... I would urge this book for people who love dark lamias, . This was gross outing amazing! Just thought I 'd get down by stating that. This is another 1 of those, Whoa. books. I earnestly did n't desire to complete reading it. But it has a turn stoping that makes you think. Well, thanks to person 's reappraisal I read, which was non marked with a spoiler qui vive but spoiled the book anyways, I already reasonably much knew where the narrative was traveling. It sort of ruined it for me but that does n't alter what I felt about this book. This is non a good book because of a few different things: Seventeen twelvemonth old Kia seeks an flight from her life in the dark nines of New York City. In these nines she meets the cryptic Damon, who introduces her to a circle of lamias -goths moving out their phantasies amidst thumping music, seductive drinks, and darkness. This was an interesting turn on the typical YA lamia love affair because it is genuinely ill-defined throughout most of the book whether Damon truly is a lamia or non. Alternatively the book focuses on Kia 's downward spiral as she struggles with her ma 's malignant neoplastic disease and moves further and further into an progressively unsafe peasants scene. Despite the capable affair, it stayed reasonably tame and obscure with most of Kia 's raids into the darker side of the scene, although her film editing may be excessively intense for younger readers. OMG, did any 1 else thick that Damon was a existent lamia? Because I fell for it. For lamia aficionados, one will detect that this novel has a different feeling from the mainstream. It feels so much more everyday and is n't glamorized in comparing to most. These are normal people, normal lives, and normal times. Well, every bit far as being a troubled adolescent goes. It 's non a painful read, but this difference will take to a stark and surprising decision that 's wholly unpredictable. When I came across it, I had to reread the paragraph ( s ) ; it knocked the socks off of me! I merely could n't believe it. Most would likely be badly defeated, but anyone who enjoys lamia novels should read this one for certain. I truly enjoyed this one! Very existent at the terminal but a wholly great read! Get it! ! Ages 12+ . Kia feel that she has no power or control in her life. Her female parent is sick with malignant neoplastic disease and she is forced to populate her barley there male parent that is ever off for work. When she meets Hecate at the infirmary she makes a new friend and is taken into a whole new scene she did n't cognize existed. Thats where she meets Damon and she ca n't acquire him out of her head. The farther she goes from peasant to full out vampire scene the more lost she truly becomes. Closing out her close friends from school, losing school and non sing her female parent much. All of it comes to a blinding arrest her female parents illness gets worse and she goes to desperate lengths to seek and assist her. I laughed so difficult when Damon told her he was non a existent lamia. I ne'er would hold guessed that Damon was n't a existent coquette. Although non what I expected, Thicker Than Water drew me in and maintain me coming back for more. Kind of wierd but one good scene book This book looked promising, but for some ground, it lost it 's involvement. It became slow and confounding. there were parts I liked and parts I did n't. Like one understand lamias and blood and how she comes from a messed up household but do Is truly need all the particulars on how she cuts herself. I understand one 've had friends who have done this in the past but one merely dont need all the gory inside informations. I have ever loved lamia narratives, so I try to read as many of them as I can. That 's the chief ground I picked up this 1. I 've read books before where the lamias are bogus, but this one truly set me off for some ground. I did n't like the universe of the bogus coquettes at all. It was merely so eldritch and creepy. The chief character truly should hold known better. Then once more, she was sort of a moonstruck, which was n't truly evident until the terminal, and even so merely because of drastic actions, non ideas or feelings. I think this narrative would hold been more successful if the reader had a better hint as to what was traveling on inside Kia 's caput. It 's obvious she had disturbing issues, but I felt the manner she acted out does n't truly link with them. I besides could n't sympathise with the film editing, as another reviwer said ; it 's excessively teen-angsty. This book was n't a entire waste of clip, merely interesting plenty to maintain me reading, but the goth/vampire thing was a small overdone. can you state brainsick? hey, all right book, but Kia was like a moonstruck in here, particularly the stoping where she was literally killing herself. did she truly have to give herself up to Damon? old cat, shoulda got to cognize him better foremost... .just stating I love this book and the turn in the terminal. Kia 's ma has malignant neoplastic disease, and she joins a group who role-play as lamias to assist her header with the hurting. But where is the line between phantasy and world? -- hb/cen Good but kind of disapointing.
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