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Thicker Than Water
Book details:
Pages: 255
Rating: 3.61

Original Title Thicker Than Water

ISBN 0814908586 (ISBN13: 9780814908587 )

Edition Language English

Series Father Dowling #6

Mystery :: Fiction

Book description:

Two seemingly unrelated murders in Fox River, Illinois, set Phil Keegan of the Fox River police force and Father Dowling of St. Hilary's parish on separate trails in search of the same murderer. Keegan's progress is impeded by local politicians as he probes into the operations of an established businessman who is implicated in both murders. Father Dowling, with no such restrictions on his activities, meanders into a showdown with a determined killer who has no qualms about killing again.

Book Authors:

Ralph McInerny

Ralph Matthew McInerny was an American Catholic spiritual bookman and fiction author, including enigmas and scientific discipline fiction. Some of his fiction has appeared under the anonym of Harry Austin, Matthew FitzRalph, Ernan Mackey, Edward Mackin, and Monica Quill. As a enigma author he is best known as the Godhead of Father Dowling. He was Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Jacques Maritain Center, and Michael P. Grace Professor of Medieval Studies at the University of Notre Dame until his retirement in June 2009. He died of esophageal malignant neoplastic disease on January 29, 2010.

Thicker Than Water Essay

The first portion of the book and the last portion of the book were exciting. The center of the book, hard more words than was really necessary. This is the first Father Dowling book I 've read. I like the Priest 's easy idiosyncrasies, humor and logic. There were two separate slayings you sort of had a intuition might be connected, though nil obvious. It was merely earlier Easter, cold and snow was still on the land. Small larcenies had besides happened at the church. The bulk of the book revolves around the Father 's duologues with others and his ideas and Detective Phil Keegan 's duologues with others and with Father Dowling including the investigators ideas. Certain persons from the grownup twenty-four hours attention may keep the hints. I was a spot caught off guard by the writer 's usage of God 's name in vain in more than one case. The book was merriment ; nevertheless, but could hold condensed some of the useless spot of information midway. The parsonage housekeeper has discovered that some one has stolen from the hapless box. She persuades a loath Father Dowling to assist track the stealer through the snow. All the discovery is a bloody organic structure. Drug covering raises its ugly caput in town and Father Dowling is forced to play detective. This is one of the 'water ' books that is portion of the grownup summer reading plan at the local library. It was written about 30 old ages ago and was a batch of merriment to read. This is the first Father Dowling book I have read but I would be up for reading another sometime.
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