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Thicker Than Water
Book details:
Pages: 170
Rating: 4.11

Original Title Thicker Than Water (Heartland, #8)

ISBN 0439994535 (ISBN13: 9780439994538 )

Edition Language English

Series Heartland #8

Childrens :: Young Adult :: Animals :: Horses

Book description:

Heartland is a horse farm nestled in the hills of Virginia, but it's much more than that. Heartland is a place like no other - a place where the scars of the past can be healed, a place where frightened and abused horses learn to trust again. It's been a long time since Amy has seen her father. Now she's waiting for someone who seems like a stranger to arrive and shatter the peace of Heartland. After twelve years apart, how can he be her father now? Will he understand who she is and what matters in her world? Amy's life is Heartland and its work - but then horses are her father's life, too. With all that's coming between them, can their love of horses bring them together again?

Book Authors:

Lauren Brooke

Lauren Brooke grew up in a spread in Virginia and now lives in Leicestershire, England. Her hubby is a veterinary who specializes in Equus caballuss. Her books have been published by Scholastic since Mid-2000, get downing with the first book of the Heartland book series. The first book of her popular Chestnut Hill series was published in 2005.According to an interview on pedants ' web site, Lauren Brooke has been siting since before she could walk. She besides said she competes in a few local-level Equus caballus shows and events.There may be some other people in books and films named Lauren Brooke: Amazon lists the writer of Book of religious regeneration ( 1995 ) as Lauren has a record for an Actress named Lauren Brooke. Her lone film is Wiseguys vs. Zombies ( 2003 ) as Goat Man 's Wife.

Thicker Than Water Essay

Read all the Heartland books when I was younger and retrieve truly loving them and harrassing my parents to purchase more and more. Re read them late and still love them every bit much as I did earlier! : D Urghhh... their dad state of affairs is thwarting to me. Can you read the books on goodreads? ? read as a kid. With this one, I knew the vacillation that Amy was experiencing as I felt it myself, and still do at times. Great book! It 's instead difficult to come up with an single reappraisal for each of these books, merely because they are comparatively short, still this book does n't allow down and continues the series nicely. See the first book in the series for a full reappraisal. Eugh, another reappraisal for this series. I think portion of the ground I don’t like reexamining these books is because I review them excessively tardily after I’ve read them and bury what happens in them. There is besides a batch of these books and non much to state about each 1 that hasn’t been said about another. I love all Heartland Books: ) I cant delay to read more: ) Amy and Lou 's estranged male parent Tim is coming to Heartland to see his girls for the first clip in 12 old ages, and Amy is nervous. She 's angry that he waited so long to reach them. Amy 's got plenty on her custodies, covering with a Equus caballus that wo n't allow anyone touch her ears and a pony that keeps rise uping. Plus Lou has come up with a concern program to get down a riding school. Loved this book! ! This is a truly good book! I love the Heartland series! This series is extremely recommended! You should read them! Good to go through clip. Can be interesting/exciting-but def. for Equus caballus monster! this book is for 9-15 twelvemonth olds.
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