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Thicker Than Water
Book details:
Pages: 368
Rating: 3.36

Original Title Thicker Than Water

ISBN 0061090263 (ISBN13: 9780061090264 )

Edition Language English

Series Quinn Parke Mystery #2


Book description:

From Publishers Weekly — San Francisco's phobia therapist and amateur sleuth Quinn Parker, welcomed in Blood Under the Bridge , confirms his appeal in his second adventure. Quinn jets to Jamaica with his old friend, neophyte comedian and fearful flier Hank Wilkie; Hank's college friend and godfather to his son Matty, Marty Greene, recently killed in an apparent drug bust, has left his family's island estate to the boy. Hank declines what seems a meager offer to buy the prime land near Priest River, a town where violence, including ghostly visitations and police beatings, has driven down the price of real estate. Back in San Francisco, Quinn begins to fall in love with Greene's widow, Stephanie, at the same time learning that the huge resort her wealthy brother secretly planned near Priest River had been stalled by Greene's unwillingness to sell. As murders accrue in both Jamaica and San Francisco, Quinn returns to Priest River and is shot at in the jungle. He joins forces with a dreadlocked, UCLA-educated lawyer to discover just who has been terrorizing property owners and why. Making the most of both of his settings, fleshing out familiar characters as well as new ones, Zimmerman highlights a distinctive cast in a skillfully plotted and smartly paced mystery.

Book Authors:

Bruce Zimmerman

Bruce Zimmerman is a U.S. novelist, film writer, and telecasting manufacturer. Among the telecasting series which Zimmerman has worked on are Desperate Housewives, CSI: NY, K-Ville, The District, Judging Amy, Reunion, So Weird, and Street Time. He has besides written a figure of films for telecasting, including the two Inspectors films for Showtime.

Thicker Than Water Essay

# 2 Quinn Parker enigma 's remote Jamaica venue entreaties to me, as does the unusual attorney. It is still an mean easy to read, easy to bury, clip slayer. Time spent is non wasted - more like a twenty-four hours at the beach. Fun book. Family is left a Jamaican prperty upon the decease of a friend and all of a sudden their life is in danger. Mystery.
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