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Annie Oakley's Girl
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Pages: 154
Rating: 3.96

Original Title Annie Oakley's Girl

ISBN 0872862798 (ISBN13: 9780872862791 )

Edition Language English

Fiction :: Queer :: Short Stories :: Glbt

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"One of the freshest, most memorable story collections of my lifetime. And 'A Good Man,' one of the most important. Rarer than the newness, the wit, the vivid readability, is the deep caring understanding, the wholeness, the truth which this astonishing, haunting writer creates her people. 'A Good Man' will be a revelation, an epiphany to many a reader."— Tillie Olsen "In Annie Oakley's Girl , people are so much larger, their motives, dreams and mysteries so much more complex than you ever imagined. Love is so much more dangerous, grief so much more powerful, hope so much more tenuous and necessary. I read everything Rebecca Brown writes, watch for her books and hunt down her short stories. She is simply one of the best contemporary lesbian writers around, and Annie Oakley's Girl is stunning."— Dorothy Allison Published in 1993 by City Lights, this collection includes seven stories: "Annie," "The Joy of Marriage," "Folie a Deux," "Love Poem," "The Death of Napoleon: Its Influence on History," "A Good Man," and "Grief." Rebecca Brown is the author of a dozen books of prose including The Last Time I Saw You , The End of Youth , The Dogs , The Terrible Girls (City Lights) and The Gifts of the Body (HarperCollins). "Brown's fourth ( The Terrible Girls , 1992, etc.) mixes fantasy, conjecture, and some realism in seven stories that feature atmospheric neo-feminist allegories and fables. The two longest pieces are the most striking: "Annie" (originally published in Adam Mars-Jones's Mae West is Dead: Recent Lesbian & Gay Fiction ) is about the narrator's love affair with Annie Oakley—it's part historical pastiche, part touching daydream, and part biting satire. Juxtaposing the narrator's western daydreams with grittier realism, Brown manages to force upon her narrator the kind of rude awakening best displayed by Tim O'Brien in Going after Cacciato . She also has a good deal of fun along the way: in one instance, Annie Oakley signs autographs at Saks—"the release of her authorized biography coincides with the arrival of the special line of new fall fashions—Annie Oakley Western Wear." "A Good Man" (which first appeared in Joan Nestle and Naomi Holoch's Women on Women II ) is a tribute to a decent man dying of AIDS, nursed off and on by his lesbian friend; the striking "Folie a Deux" posits a couple who deliberately cripple themselves—one deaf, one blind—so that "Each of us had something the other didn't have"; and the remaining four stories, published in Britain in 1984, are dreamlike fables. In the best, "Love Poem," the narrator and "you," an artist (the second person becomes a tic in several of these), sneak into the Tate and destroy the artist's work; "The Joy of Marriage" is a touching but ideological look at a honeymoon; "Grief" is about a woman sent off by her clique to a foreign country—she never returns. Occasionally moving, the story's too obliquely personal to make enough sense to a wider audience. Imagistic, edgy fictions about postmodern longing in a world off its screws—and where sadness seems to be a woman's only fate."— Kirkus Reviews

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Rebecca Brown

Rebecca Brown’s diverse work contains aggregations of essays and short narratives, a fictionalized autobiography, a modern bestiary, a memoir in the pretense of a medical lexicon, a libretto for a dance opera, a drama, and assorted sorts of phantasy. hypertext transfer protocol: // ...

Annie Oakley's Girl Essay

A beautiful emotional roller coaster with non a bad short narrative in the mix. My absolute favourite, one I have read many, many times by now: Folie a Deux. Forgive me if I misspelled it. a twosome of short narratives, and to me most were n't interesting. but the salvaging grace was the narrative a good adult male, that heartbreaking narrative of a adult male deceasing earned the 3rd star in my evaluation. Short narratives can be really good written, but still non interesting to the reader. A Good Man is the best, and had I read it 25 old ages ago I would hold been struck, but I suppose that over the past one-fourth century I have merely read that narrative many, many times already. Not Rebecca Brown 's mistake. Love how Rebecca Brown pushes the boundaries and still stays true to the of import elements of what can do a short narrative tick ( and work ) . The Joy of Marriage, Folie a Deux, and Grief are all standouts. I have ever enjoyed Rebecca Brown 's work. Her short narratives are dream-like and intense. They reflect a world that is more familiar to me than that of most other modern-day writers, with the possible exclusion of Murakami. When I got to the piece A Good Man, I wept my eyes out. Annie Oakley 's Girl is a aggregation of truly leading short narratives. I gave it three stars because I did n't wholly bask reading this book - I found it hard and emotional - but I think it 's truly high-caliber authorship. SPOILERS a-comin! Some of the narratives are wild - time-travel and fun things like that - and one, the second-to-last, and by far the longest narrative in the book ( A Good Man ) , was an utterly heart-wrenching narrative about AIDS and its impact on fagots. Unusually, it 's told from the POV of a sapphic friend and caretaker to an septic adult male, throughout the patterned advance of his disease and his decease. It 's scorching ; I sobbed and sobbed while reading it, experiencing my ain bosom crushed in the solitariness, desperation, choler, and fright that her characters experienced. What an improbably gifted author to make that. Still, do n't read it entirely in the center of winter. I could n't even acquire past the 2nd chapter. I 'm merely maintaining it because I bought it at a cunning small book shop in San Francisco. Possibly person in this house will read it one twenty-four hours. reasonably much love everything she does. Bad misss should read this. I was basking this book but non loving it until one got to A Good Man, which was gripping and sad and made me love it. Rebecca Brown writes frequently about illness and decease of the people she loves, and she does it good. I read three of the narratives in this book and so stopped after the 1 that begins something like: We decided that it was a good thought to fire out my ear membranophones and poke out my lover 's eyes so that we would be wholly dependent on one another. I had f**ked up dreams that dark and set this book back on the shelf. concealed discovery in a Nicaraguan bookshop ; and folie a deux, one of the best short narratives i 've of all time read: I 'm non the lone creepy miss in the universe? Oh, Rebecca. I spent my childhood submerging barbie dolls and taking forensic exposure of the crimescene. I joke with my lovers that I want to snog them until their faces fall off in balls, so I want to slurp the bloody juice off their skulls. It could hold been the Fangoria magazine subscription I sent off for at age 10, or it could be true that some people are merely attracted to the bizarre and horrible in life. Rebecca Brown is one of those people. Weird, merriment, unsettling, far-out. Some of the pieces in this aggregation are really different than her ( more widely read ) Gifts of the Body and it 's really a good thing. While I thought that book was strong on its ain, I was genuinely amazed at the originality and fresh disturbing images. Truly a fantastic book. Rebecca Brown ever tears my bosom up, but it 's so good. Interesting voice good written
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