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The Pastel City
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Pages: 157
Rating: 3.77

Original Title The Pastel City

ISBN 0380197111 (ISBN13: 9780380197118 )

Edition Language English


Series Viriconium #1

Fantasy :: Science Fiction :: Fiction :: Post Apocalyptic :: Adventure :: Apocalyptic

Book description:

The first book in the Viriconium series: In the distant future, a medieval system rises from the ruins of a technology that destroyed itself. Armored knights ride their horses across dunes of rust, battling for the honor of the Queen. But the knights find more to menace them than mere swords and lances. A brave quest leads them face to face with the awesome power of a complex, lethal technology that has been erased from the face of the Earth--but lives on, underground. Librarian Note: This edition has ISBN 0380000571 printed on the inside cover.

Book Authors:

M. John Harrison

aka Gabriel King ( with Jane Johnson ) Michael John Harrison was born in Rugby, Warwickshire in 1945 and now lives in London.Harrison is stylistically an Imagist and his early work relies to a great extent on the usage of unusual appositions feature of absurdism.

The Pastel City Essay

This first novel in the Viriconium series was written 20+ old ages before George R.R. Martin published A Game of Thrones. While I do n't believe The Pastel City was a direct inspiration, I did inquire if Martin may of read Harrison and gleaned a few thoughts about combating kins or the blades and black magic motive. M. John Harrison is a really talented author, and irrespective of the genre that he chooses to picture, no 1 can touch his usage of linguistic communication. He belongs in the same breath as Nabokov, Chabon, Fowles, McCarthy, and anyone else you would confer the rubric of maestro. Pues ya iba siendo hora de ponerse con Viriconium, lectura que he ido postergando una Y otra vez, principalmente porque Harrison es un autor Al que prefiero sneer traducido, disfruto más su prosa traducida Al castellano que leyéndolo en original. Esto es algo curioso que me ocurre también con otros finos estilistas del género fantástico, como Angela Carter o Gene Wolfe. Aunque no tengo ningún problema parity sneer en inglés, algo que llevo haciendo desde hace más de veinte años, y creo sabre distinguir cuando un autor escribe bien Y otro menos bien, prefiero sneer a los escritores antes mencionados ( y otros similares ) en traducción Al castellano, porque curiosamente así obtengo una city manager sensación placentera que cuando les leo en su idioma original. Es posible que esto sea anatema parity muchos, pero yo lo siento así . Grim and dissatisfactory. On the surface, a generic phantasy novel, but really good done. Then once more, possibly this was a tendency compositor of some kind. Whatever the instance, I likely should't rate books based on originality unless I have great deepness of cognition of it of a certain genre. Love the ambiance though. I would watch this film. the tone sets it apart from other sf one 've read from this clip. eerie and contemplative. The Pastel City is an uneven, but gratifying read. Set in a slightly mediaeval society, lasting on the deceasing wastes of an advanced, crumpling civilization. My feelings on this short novel are reasonably assorted. Odlicna knjiga! Ili Bi mozda pre sobzirom na broj strana mogao district attorney kazem odlicna prica. Rastuzilo me je jedino to sto sam saznao district attorney je ovo prvi Doctor of Optometry nekoliko delova u serijalu, one da je kao takav jedino on preveden kod sodiums i to daleke 1989. godine. Broj strana moram priznati itekako utice na kvalitet dela. Ali ideja, ambijent I stil pisanja su prosto previse dobri tako district attorney nisam imao izbora I dao surface-to-air missile ovoj knjizici svih pet zvezdica. Velika je steta sto pisac naprosto skace SA jedne lokacije na drugu I sa jednog zapleta na drugi, bilo je tu prostora za dobih 300 strana! Jedna od najboljih dzepnih knjiga koje surface-to-air missile ikada procitao. Top drawer phantasy, literate and engrossing. World constructing done right. How is it possible to compose something this dull and uninspired. Ca n't be bothered to travel into inside informations, merely remain off! Loved it! Ca n't wait to get down the follow up. Another book where I ca n't make up one's mind between three or four. Tonss of good material, but... I guess fuck a evaluation, how about that. More to come on the web log, I hope, if I can pull off to wrap my caput around the Harrison consequence adequate to state anything articulate. The prose is really sort of amazing, on a strictly proficient degree. The secret plan is n't truly at that place. Maybe it would hold seemed less rote in 1971, I do n't cognize. Or possibly this is merely Harrison warming up. Let 's happen out! Earth after many millenary, the planet has seen mega civilisations have come and gone, a new semi mediaeval civilization has emerged from the rust and ruins of the yesteryear, a sequence war is get downing and one of the cabals has uncovered ancient engineering that will turn the war, but this engineering may turn against all. Top notch universe edifice and great solid characters. Better thoughts than authorship, but still an great narrative of blades and black magic and broken garbages of engineering. The characters are excessively dramatic and excessively easy. The universe is antic, thick with history and rubble. I have no thought of where, when, or why I picked this 40-year-old sci-fi book up, but as I 've doing my manner unfalteringly through my tonss of unread books, it came to manus the other hebdomad, and I breezed through it in a few hours. Actually, I 'm non certain if naming it sci-fi is rather accurate, since it it has some characteristics of phantasy ( blades, warring Queenss, barbaric Norsemen, a bloody-minded midget, an order of knights, etc. ) , but since it takes topographic point on what seems to be a far-future Earth, millenary after some sort of post-industrial ecological prostration, and ancient engineering figures conspicuously in the secret plan, sci-fi seems appropriate. I 'm certain that if I were more well-versed in sci-fi, there 's a precise label for this peculiar spirit of subgenre. An interesting debut to the Viriconium narratives. At first I found it to be unlike my outlooks, and was ab initio defeated. But traveling past that I found myself able to appreciate the narrative on its ain virtue. It 's a surprisingly good condensed narrative of the autumn of an imperium and the rise of another, both by manner of war powered by forces unlike any seen in the deceasing universe 's recorded history. Pieneen sivumäärään saatu vaikuttava ja koskettava tarina. Tästä ison budjetin elokuva, kiitos. Viriconium on universumina kiinnostava. I ca n't reexamine this book. I 'll merely allow China Mieville talk about the two authors who had the greatest influence on him. Fantasy has ever had its moralizers and its troublemakers, those who use the symbolism of thaumaturgy to make informative fabrications, and those who use the unfamiliarity of thaumaturgy to tap into the more distant corners of the psyche, and so befog their evildoings behind the fantastical frontage. Like Moorcock, Leiber, and Vance, Harrison is playful, he is rebellious. Ressenya en català : 1977 class C On the surface at that place doesn’t look much here that hasn’t been seen before: commixture blades and energy arms ( and even blending them into energy based blades ) , a quasi-post revelatory Earth, a midget, a set of exoskeleton/power armor, a relentless automaton like ground forces. Though to be just the energy blades differ from, and predate, those films full of Jedi... .. I would 've loved this ten old ages ago. Harrison is a fantastic author -- redolent, sweeping, musical, and strange -- and this is the best book I 've of all time read about knights in the far future contending ancient brain-eating automatons. my lone ailment is that it was n't longer. non at the terminal, but in the center. The Good: The best of Harrison 's early period work. Not excessively heavy on the wearied universe fatigue to be intolerable. Nice descriptions and action. Reseña: hypertext transfer protocol: // El heroe apartado del mundo, encerrado en su magnifica torre con views al March recibe la noticia de que los b��rbaros del norte amenzan Viriconium. Sin pensarselo Se va a ver a La reina Y esta lupus erythematosus enacarga que salve La ciudad, dandole un anillo parity que le reconozcan como enviado. En un imaginativo viaje a crossbeams de una Tierra futura Y decadente se Irish Republican Army encontrando los otros heroes victimize los cuales hacia eras que no Se tomaba un chupito. El enano malhablado, el golfo simpatico, el viejo... Y a que no adivinais como acaba? No hay estrellas negativas? All those times you were in 2nd manus bookstores, scouring through the penny novels on the sci-fi shelves, to seek and happen a novel that you merely cognize has to be - the 1 that has it all: a anguished warrior poet hero, a pursuit, antic antagonists etc - good this is it. One to read and reread through the old ages. Awesome narrative... gives one tons to believe of. Great cardinal character.
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