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Lord Demon
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Pages: 325
Rating: 3.92

Original Title Lord Demon

ISBN 0380770237 (ISBN13: 9780380770236 )

Edition Language English

Fantasy :: Science Fiction :: Paranormal :: Science Fiction Fantasy :: Demons

Book description:

The great wars between gods and demons began five millennia ago--and ended with the demons' crushing defeat and banishment from their homeland. The demon race would have surely perished in the empty dimension of their exile had they not found a secret conduit to a safe and hidden plane...called Earth.

Greatest among the demons was Kai Wren--the Godslayer and Lord Demon--a master swordsman, dreamer, and glassblower who can contain entire universes in bottles of his creation; a legendary warrior who once, long ago, singlehandedly destroyed a god. But now, Kai Wren must seek vengeance for the murder of his devoted human servant, and he fears that this one death heralds the crumbling of a peace that has reigned for a thousand years.

Forced into a series of uncomfortable alliances, Kai Wren strives to preserve the Demon Realms. But his heart has become his fatal weakness, growing soft during years of peace. He has given trust where trust should not be given, only to discover that among his closest companions are those who will betray him--even destroy him--unless he can regain that which once made him LORD DEMON.

Book Authors:

Roger Zelazny

Roger Zelazny made his name with a group of novelettes which demonstrated merely how intense an emotional charge could be generated by the stock imagination of sf ; the most celebrated of these is A Rose for Ecclesiastes in which a poet struggles to convert deceasing and unfertile Martians that life is deserving go oning. Zelazny continued to compose first-class short narratives throughout his calling. Most of his novels trade, one manner or another, with pranksters and mythology, frequently with knaves who become Gods, like Sam in Lord of Light, who reinvents Buddhism as a vehicle for political corruption on a settlement planet.The phantasy sequence The Amber Chronicles, which started with Nine Princes in Amber, trades with the governing household of a Platonic kingdom at the metaphysical bosom of things, who can skid, trickster-like through worlds, and their wars with each other and the related opinion house of Chaos. Zelazny ne'er wholly fulfilled his early promise -who could? - but he and his work were much loved, and a powerful influence on such younger authors as George R. R. Martin and Neil Gaiman.He won the Nebula award three times ( out of 14 nominations ) and the Hugo award six times ( out of 14 nominations ) . His documents are housed at the Albin O. Khun Library of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County ( UMBC ) . hypertext transfer protocol: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Ze...

Jane Lindskold

Jane Lindskold is the writer of more than twenty published novels, including the six volume Firekeeper Saga ( get downing with Through Wolf’s Eyes ) , Child of a Rainless Year ( a modern-day phantasy set in Las Vegas, New Mexico ) , and The Buried Pyramid ( an archaeological escapade phantasy set in 1880 's Egypt ) .Lindskold is besides the writer of the “Breaking the Wall” series, which begins with Thirteen Orphans, so continues in Nine Gates and Five Odd Honors. Her most recent series begins with Artemis Awakening, released in May of 2014. Lindskold has besides had published over 60 short narratives and legion plants of non-fiction, including a critical life of Roger Zelazny, and articles on Yeats and Synge. She has collaborated with several other SF/F authors, including Roger Zelazny, for whom, at his petition, she posthumously finished his novels Donnerjack and Lord Demon. She has besides collaborated with David Weber, composing several novelettes and two YA novels set in his popular ”Honorverse.” She wrote the short narrative “Servant of Death” with Fred Saberhagen.Charles de Lint, reexamining Changer, praised Lindskold 's ability to state a fast-paced, modern-day narrative that still carries the weight and manner of old fabulous narrative rhythms. [ 1 ] Terri Windling called Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls a complex, utterly original work of bad fiction. DeLint has besides stated that “Jane Lindskold is one of those concealed hoarded wealths of American letters ; a true treasure of a author who merely gets better with each book.” Lindskold was born in 1962 at the Columbia Hospital for Women, the first of four siblings and grew up in Washington, D.C. and Chesapeake Bay. Lindskold 's male parent was caput of the Land and Natural Resources Division, Western Division of the United States Justice Department and her female parent was besides an lawyer. She studied at Fordham, where she received a Ph. D. in English, concentrating on Medieval, Renaissance, and Modern British Literature ; she successfully defended her Ph.D. on her 26th birthday.Lindskold lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her hubby, archaeologist Jim Moore.

Lord Demon Essay

An astonishing book with unbelievable narrative and secret plan turns, filled with admiration and laughter, every bit good as really sympathetic and relatable charachters. It is Amazing! A reasonably gratifying phantasy, finished by Lindskold after Zelazny 's decease. The conversion is n't seamless, and hers is n't every bit good as his. It 's a good narrative It was n't every bit good as the other Zelazny books. If felt a small unpolished. It worked for me because I like the Main Character and the thought, but the executing could hold been better. At parts it was truly good, so it lapsed into really deadening. Loved this book so much that I did n't desire it to stop. Some parts seems out of topographic point in the narrative but non so bad that it changed my position of the book. IIRC, this and Donnerjack are the two Zelazny books published posthumously. I rescued a clump of books from Jody, and my re-read of this one, nevertheless, was a great experience. Maybe it 's clip to look for Donnerjack once more. Unconvincing. Good. I had ne'er read any Zelazy, and I truly enjoyed it. The descriptions were graphic and the characters interesting although the females were at times a spot ready-made. There are three authors whose books occupy a particular topographic point on my shelves, whose books I tend to roll up and maintain, and whose books I re-read over and over. Those three are J.R.R. Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, and... Roger Zelazny. Lord Demon was one of the novels Zelazny was composing at the clip of his unfortunate decease and subsequently finished by his friend and protege Jane Lindskold. Lindskold does an astonishing occupation of maintaining the feeling of the novel traveling, for the most portion, but the farther one reads in it, the more one can experience the absence of Zelazny ( the last chapter particularly seems really different from the remainder of the novel ) . For that ground entirely, I 'd likely hold to take down the evaluation to 4 1/2 stars. However, the secret plan and characters here ( every bit good as most of the authorship ) is vintage Zelazny: the insouciant but regulated usage of thaumaturgy, the motion between dimensions, the thorough plotting and treatments of motive, plans, and events, the really uneven and interesting characters presented matter-of-factly. Tonss of things here reminded me of Zelazny 's authoritative Amber series ( and in a good manner ) . I likely would n't urge this to person unfamiliar with Zelazny, but it 's a great add-on ( and coda ) to the plants of a true maestro. Enter a universe of thaumaturgy and enigma, Gods and devils as we are sucked into the mystical kingdom of Kai Wren. He is a devil of some fame ; Slayer of Gods, bottlemaker, devouring kite circular, and the Lord Demon, Kai Wren is forced to last on humor entirely when cabals within demon society bend against him, depriving him of his powers and coercing him to the Earthen plane... as a person. Very entertaining sf/fantasy novel about a devil who 's seeking to calculate out who is out to acquire him. The reply, of class, surprises Lord Demon more than the reader, but the way to find is full of black magic, suspense, and wit. Light reading to be certain but much merriment. I 'm a Zelazny fanboy and before I read this book I spent a good ball of clip avoiding his books merely because I felt I was acquiring to used to his manner. Let me state you though, one time you 've been off from it for a piece and dive dorsum in, it 's like an elixer for the psyche. This book does a batch of what I love about Zelazny books which is astonishing exuberant descriptions, non exaggerated duologue, and a narrative full of pure imaginativeness where anything is possible. So many other authors seem to incarcerate themselves in the universes they creat where zelazny universes are bastions of possibility. 1 this is a fun book read it many times... One of Zelazny 's hallmarks is the ability to compose about his superhuman characters and antic universes so matter-of-factly that we can believe in their being, no affair how distant they might look ( in the custodies of a lesser writer ) from ordinary life. When this is done good, as it is in most of Amber, Lord of Light, and particularly in his short narratives, we ne'er notice the tenseness between the wild imaginativeness of the scenario and the pragmatism of the authorship. In Lord Demon, this tenseness is evident from the first duologue, in which the immortal devil supporter discusses pizza toppings with his 300-year-old retainer. The combination of the high mythic and the mundane is often diverting - and a novel can surely make worse than amuse - but seldom credible. The narrative itself is authoritative Zelazny, with a powerful but somewhat naif hero voyaging the political relations and machinations of his fellow immortals. In fact, it reads a spot like a medley of his earlier plants ( peculiarly Lord of Light ) , and at times even explicitly references them. Kai Wren is a glass blower, bottle shaper, maestro fencer, and devil. Not merely any devil, but Lord Demon the Godslayer. His bottles enfold existences, big and little. But a thousand old ages of peaceable life hold merely been shattered: his retainer, and friend, Oliver O'Keefe, has been murdered. Wren 's hunt for retaliation, and possibly justness, takes him down a way that leads to farther loss, friendly relationship, treachery, love, and possibly the redemption of the devil race. Posthumously finished by his comrade Jane Lindskold, Roger Zelazny 's Lord Demon is an first-class piece of what Zelazny did best - gratifying, human characters written on a superhuman graduated table. The construct of the devils and Gods and the dimensions environing ours meshes with the narrative. Written with an gratifying apprehension of the civilizations and societies both existent and imagined. In a word: depressing. Once I started, I could n't halt reading it. Highly recommended. ^^ Lord Démon est un Roman de Roger Zelazny publié à titer posthume et finalisé par SA femme Jane Lindskold, Ce qui explique que celle-ci soit créditée comme auteur. Zelazny est bien sûr connu pour saga diethylstilbestrols Princes d’Ambre mais aussi pour une battalion d’autres romans dont certains lui valurent lupus erythematosus prestigieux prix Hugo. On retrouve dans Lord Démon Ce qui a définit le manner de l’auteur, à savoir l’intrusion de la mythologie dans un univers contemporain. Zelazny was working on this book when he died, after inquiring Jane Lindskold to complete it for him. It 's pretty seamlessly in his voice, but IMHO has a little more emotional deepness than most of his books, which may possibly be attributed to her. Any of his fans or hers should bask this book. I have late reread this book, and I found it better than I remembered. Which is non to state it is good, merely that it is non excessively bad. The narrative is vintage Zelazny, a powerful immortal that gets caught in a bad state of affairs. This clip the scene is ( really slackly ) based in ancient China, but it does non truly matter. This part is non Zelazny 's best work, which can be guessed of all time since the supporter discloses he has entree to three wants of about absolute power. The deus ex machina can be heard coming pages off. I had n't read it in a piece so I decided to disinter it, and even if it 's an gratifying read, I think I could hold spent my clip better. Recommended if you have nil else to make. Back when I was in my adolescent sci-fi stage, for some ground I ne'er read much Zelazney. Now I 'm doing up for the inadvertence - the cat was wildly inventive and could truly turn a all right sentence. I would hold given this one 4 stars if it had n't been for the obvious and gawky manus of his co-writer/biographer, who helped him complete this last book before he kicked it. Still, it 's a all right page-turner of an escapade narrative with tonss of fun elements from Chinese mythology. Recommended. The chief character Kai Wren is a glassblower who creates full universes inside the bottles he makes ; universes in which many of his demon-friends unrecorded, each inside their ain bottle. Reminds me of Catherine Webb books At hazard of doing some individuals exceptionally angry, I can state that what makes me interested in Roger Zelazny is merely about everything that is non his well-known Amber series. Lord Demon has some similarities to the Amber books but draws on the same information in a more complete mode. Kai Wren, the Lord Demon, is a more to the full developed character throughout the book - some may reason co-writer Jane Lindsgold played a portion in that. In any instance, Zelazny 's inspirations ( East Asian myths, etc. ) are obvious in Lord Demon and seem to really function a intent. And there are Canis familiariss! I truly enjoyed reading this and I truly wished Zelazny had survived to see it through publication. I think it would hold been better if he 'd lived long plenty to decently complete it. As it stands, Lord Demon is inventive and heroic poem and full of intriguing characters and civilizations, and merely jerky plenty and full of uneven loose terminals to maintain me from falling in love with it absolutely. It 's extremely deserving reading and I 'll look frontward to reading it once more, but if anything it 's strongest in that it makes me desire to travel back through Zelazny 's bibliography and read all his plant I 'd ne'er acquire around to reading before. Very interesting book- really good zelazny. Creates yet another beautiful/mystic universe that is really originative, and amazing to read. Like all of roger zelazny 's books ( besides the wild west one that I have n't read yet ) , this is a must read. I enjoyed this book because it was simple and reasonably similar to other Zelazny work. I found out that it was finished posthumously while I was reading the book but I do n't believe that distracted from the narrative. The authorship must hold been edited truly good or Lindskold transcripts his composing really, really good.
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