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Rebel Angels
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Pages: 176
Rating: 3.75

Original Title Rebel Angels

ISBN 0061064378 (ISBN13: 9780061064371 )

Edition Language English


Book description:

Serafina and Peter are exact opposites--she's a daredevil and he's very cautious. When Serafina's sports car fatally crashes into Peter's, the two meet face-to-face with one thing in common, they're in heaven, where they learn that the only way to become full-fledged angels is to prove that they can work together.

Book Authors:

Jahnna N. Malcolm

Jahnna N. Malcolm is the pen name for husband-and-wife squad Jahnna Beecham and Malcolm Hillgartner. Together they 've written four musicals, two films, three CD-ROM games, and about one hundred books, including the popular series The Jewel Kingdom. They met in the theatre and were married on the phase utilizing Marlowe 's celebrated love missive from The Passionate Shepherd to His Love as their nuptials vows.

Laura Young


Rebel Angels Essay

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