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Please Don't Come Back from the Moon
Book details:
Pages: 273
Rating: 3.63

Original Title Please Don't Come Back from the Moon

ISBN 0151011354 (ISBN13: 9780151011353 )

Edition Language English

Characters Michael Smolij

Young Adult :: Fiction :: Coming Of Age :: Contemporary :: Literary Fiction

Book description:

The summer Michael Smolij turns sixteen, his father disappears. One by one other men also vanish from the blue-collar neighborhood outside Detroit where their fathers before them had lived, raised families, and, in a more promising era, worked. One man props open the door to his shoe store and leaves a note. "I'm going to the moon," it reads. "I took the cash." The wives drink, brawl, and sleep around, gradually settling down to make new lives and shaking off the belief in an American dream that, like their husbands, has proven to be a thing of the past. Unable to leave the neighborhood their fathers abandoned, Michael and his friends stumble through their twenties until the restlessness of the fathers blooms in them, threatening to carry them away. This is a haunting, unforgettable debut novel for anyone who has ever been left longing.

Book Authors:

Dean Bakopoulos

Dean Bakopoulos was born in Dearborn Heights, Michigan on July 6, 1975 to a Ukrainian female parent and a Grecian male parent. A kid of immigrants, he grew up talking both Ukrainian and English, was shy to the point of psychosis, and avoided group assemblages and seldom left his mother’s side. He ate voluminous sums of borsh and chou axial rotations. When his gramps, Gregory Smolij, retired from 25 old ages on the line at Ford Rouge, there was a big party in his grandparents’ cellar. This is Dean’s first memory and, in it, his household was brightly happy and jubilant. He memorized the 1981 NFL records book and recited football stats to all willing ears. When Chuck Long made his first start for the Detroit Lions, he was allowed to remain up and watch Monday Night Football. He wrote his first short narrative at age seven. It was called “I Get Trapped.”At pubescence, he all of a sudden became really surpassing. Cipher could close him up. He was either maniacally optimistic or tirelessly sullen in his demeanour ; he wept far excessively frequently for a immature adult male. A chicken! A sensitive small chicken! During high school, he recalls merely one broken bosom ( she knows who she is ) , two fisticuffss, and an embarrassingly sincere desire to imbibe adequate to be the following Hemingway. He went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and, while in school, worked as a author for WWJ News Radio in Detroit. After graduating in 1997, he got married, moved to Wisconsin, worked on a Equus caballus farm for a enchantment ( the best occupation he of all time had ) , and so became the purchaser for Canterbury Booksellers, which one time was a bookshop in Madison, Wisconsin but is no longer one.Later, he graduated from the University of Wisconsin MFA plan, was a Tennessee Williams bookman at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference, and finished his first novel, Please Don’t Come Back from the Moon ( Harcourt ) , which has merely been released. After a twelvemonth of steady preparation at a topographic point called the Monkey Bar, he was able to make a surprisingly high figure of push-ups and pull-ups. In 2004, the Virginia Quarterly Review included him in an issue denoting Fiction’s New Luminaries. This made him happy for months. You would non think it, but a really celebrated American poet one time called him ( in all earnestness ) a “youthful, sparkling dancer” after a assemblage at the Breadloaf Writers ' Conference. This has made him happy for old ages. When he does non acquire adequate slumber, he is non deserving cognizing or being close. He lives in Mineral Point, Wisconsin with his household.

Please Don't Come Back from the Moon Essay

This book was a entire bummer of a narrative to read, yet hopeful at the same clip. I do n't hold the words to make this book justness it 's that good and packs a ton into the 270 pages. This is the narrative of a group of male parents who all pick up and vanish and go forth notes for their households stating they went to the Moon. The wake of those goings is about difficult to read, but it 's such a compelling narrative with beautiful stalking prose. Here 's another writer who absolutely captures life in the Midwest and if you have of all time been to Detroit you know it 's non a pretty metropolis. The characters are so good written and dimensional it 's no surprise that the writer is a former bookseller. This is a book written by person who truly loves books as evidenced from the literary mentions throughout the book. He gives the narrative some closing an leaves some parts open for reading. Jr. high male childs father’s ( & many other work forces in this community ) leave “for the moon” with the boy’s adventures recorded until high school graduation when I decided this book was of no value to me and I quit reading ; via KY Unbound ; read during Seoul holiday via my Kindle ; 0 out of 5 stars ; finished trying to read on Feb. 22, 2016 OK. But truly intend for a younger audience This is a fantastic introduction novel, a chef-d'oeuvre picturing the horrid truth of mundane life in hapless towns like Maple Rock. This is the narrative of Michael, who 's father and all of the other work forces in town went to the Moon when he was 16 old ages old. As Michael and his friend 's grow older, their male parents ' forsakings take a great toll on their picks in life. They kidnap a former instructor, drink, and allow their classs suffer. This novel shows Michael grow from age 16 to around 30, and the reader tickers as he goes through the same struggles as his male parent did before him. The narrative shifted from a phantasmagoric beginning ( male parents traveling to the Moon and so helter-skelter effects ) to largely dejecting pragmatism. The narrative kept me interested, but the stoping was level for me. The rubric suggests inquiring male parents non to come back, yet the book gives the sense that it does n't count. Fathers either leave, want to go forth ( including himself ) or are distant anyhow so they may every bit good be gone. Solemn Liked it. He had a few strange transitions which through me off a spot. But his authorship manner is good. Not certain I would explicitly seek this writer out - but would surely read another if I came across it. Strange small book about masculimne outlooks. Moon is chief scoundrel though do n't swear it! one truly enjoyed this all right storytelling and authorship. Impressive introduction novel had me speaking to the characters, fearing they 'd travel off in an errant way! Causing me to so care for his characters, and reflect on their lives when I 'm off from the narrative ever gets me to pealing the 5-star-bell! Highly recommended. I 'll be looking for Bakopoulos 's following novel. This was a surprising discovery in the deal bin of a large box shop -- a slow, somewhat antic, unhappily realistic coming of age narrative that captures life in lower middle-class, run-of-the-mill McDonald 's America in a manner that few authors truly bother to make. I liked this book. It 's about the solitariness of being abandoned and the fright of being pulled off excessively. I debated between 3 and 4 stars. It 's a alone narrative and I truly like the flow of Bakopoulous ' authorship. Depressing book about immature cats turning up near Detroit without male parents and with no way to their lives. I do n't cognize why I felt compelled to maintain reading. I truly bask when certain facets of a narrative are left unfastened for personal reading. This book has that component and so much more. There are beds of elation and darkness, and the storytelling is both easy, yet heavy. I have no thought how to adequately reexamine this book expect to state I loved it. This book is really entertaining with strong characters and really strong authorship. However, it does n't truly hold an stoping. It merely kind of goes along with a good narrative and so ends instead suddenly. It 's like a gag with no punch line. This reminds me of so many of the short narratives I read these yearss, particularly those in literary diaries or from digests of composing competitions. It 's about as if holding a chiseled secret plan is a drawback in short fiction. I was a spot defeated in the final payment. This came recommended to me. It 's non a bad book, but it 's merely non my cup of tea. It was a spot excessively painful and disconcerting, and I think if I was a adult male and had some angst in me, I 'd wholly delve it. I was given this book by a friend because of the geographical scene. I did n't truly believe it 'd involvement me but I found the authorship manner compelling. The angst of turning up and contending to happen one 's topographic point in the universe was described in a manner that made me laugh, nod, sigh and hope the supporter would n't blow it. Worth the read. Great first novel. Had sentences like this: We laughed the best we could. Talk about a dissatisfying stoping. Did anyone else notice that there were two misprint in this book? First book I 've read in a long clip that 's had misprint. Made me kinda sad. That plus the complete deficiency of secret plan and the really cheerless changeless subject made this a tough read. Disappointed by this book about a little town near Detroit where the pas maintain disappearance. Remarks made said it had air of charming pragmatism and I did n't acquire this as all. I did n't much like the less character of Michael who merely keeps faltering through and allowing life go on to him. Dean Bakopoulos 's introduction novel, Please Do n't Come Back From the Moon, starts off on a phantasmagoric note. In the gap chapter, the writer describes a Blue-collar vicinity in Detroit where the male parents of the community start disappearance, many utilizing the phrase I 've gone to the Moon to do their flight. After this first chapter, nevertheless, this fresh impetuss off from the surrealism and moves into the farinaceous universe of the unemployed Rust Belt where female parents are forced to take on the functions of the vanished male parents and immature work forces are forced to contemplate their ain functions in a universe that is no longer defined by the traditional thoughts of work and household. As an devouring reader of Rust Belt literature ( if that truly is a subgenre of literature ) , I know it 's difficult for a author to undertake the topic of Blue Collar life in an alone manner ; yet I found Bakopoulos 's novel an interesting coming-of-age narrative about the working category universe in America. More accurately an elevated 3.5. This was an interesting book. I was non excessively certain where it would travel but I liked and understood the internal battle of Michael. He and his friends seemed to get the better of the odds and were able to draw themselves up. It was sad to see the hurting and injury caused by their male parents and to see the male childs try so difficult to get the better of the unhappiness. This book was a unusual but gratifying one. It tells the narrative of a town in Detroit, America, where about all of the grownup work forces merely up and go forth. The adult females and kids of the town are left fatherless and husbandless, and life goes on. The book is about the radioactive dust when an full vicinity of male parents disappears. The chief character, Mikey, and his two best friends, Nick and Tom, are in their late teens when this happens. The secret plan follows how their lives are shaped by this incomprehensible forsaking right up to the point where their ain lives closely mirror their bygone male parents ' lives. The narrative is told in lyrical sketchs, each one researching a new stage in the characters ' lives. I loved the scene ( Detroit, Ann Arbor, and environments ) , and felt the authorship was exceeding. No affair the specific fortunes, we all end up confronting down the development in our lives, how our yesteryears impact on that development, and whether we 're self cognizant plenty to avoid falling into the same errors made by our parents. One of the best books that I 've read in a piece. I found the tone dull, Ella 's whole love affair with Mike made no sense to me, and the chapters were excessively long. Besides: depressing. Besides: drilling. I earnestly do non see the entreaty of literary modern-day fiction at all. Nothing happens. What is incorrect with secret plan? ! Jeez. This was a good narrative. It captured the epoch it was written in and what so many childs go through when a parent disappears from their lives. To be honest I was n't ready for it to be over when it was. Possibly 3.5. This book appeared cryptically in my heap ( possibly it follows its secret plan and came back from the Moon ) and when there was nil else to read I eventually decided to get down it. It 's an original secret plan - a little town in center, depressed United States where unemployment is at an all clip high where all the male parents one by one disappear in the dark. The narrative follows one boy left behind who believes ( like his couples ) that the male parents have all gone to the Moon. I liked the authorship and rather liked the chief characters but felt the book did n't populate up to the forepart screen 'raves ' ( an original and superb first work. ' Very good, prosecuting and interesting.
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