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Women Poets of China
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Pages: 150
Rating: 4.21

Original Title Women Poets of China (New Directions Paperbook, 528)

ISBN 0811208214 (ISBN13: 9780811208215 )

Edition Language English

History :: Poetry :: Feminism :: China :: Cultural :: Chinese Literature :: Asian Literature

Book description:

This book (originally published in 1972 by The Seabury Press as The Orchid Boat ) is the first representative collection of the poetry of Chinese women to appear in English. Unlike Japan with its long tradition of women writers, poetry by women did not become fashionable in China until the Ch'ing dynasty (1644-1911), although poems from earlier centuries that do in fact survive will quickly dispel any stereotyped views. Included here are samplings from the legendary earliest poetry of courtesans, palace women, and Tao priestesses to works by contemporary Chinese women living in both the East and West. Appendixes include notes on the poems, an introductory essay on Chinese women and literature, a table of historical periods, and a bibliography.

Book Authors:

Kenneth Rexroth

Kenneth Rexroth was an American poet, transcriber and critical litterateur. He was among the first poets in the United States to research traditional Nipponese poetic signifiers such as haiku. He is regarded as a main figure in the San Francisco Renaissance.

Ling Chung


Women Poets of China Essay

I do n't cognize whether it 's the ink or the crick, but it does the fast one. Sexy as screw. Fierce. Beautiful. Decided to give this four stars because I did n't love it every bit much as old interlingual renditions from the Chinese by Rexroth. But I was tempted to give it five stars merely for the coverage: From so ancient they can merely give an approximative epoch to poems written in what was so the present twenty-four hours. ( For those of you who 've been to Madison, see p.113 Dusk On The Veranda By Lake Mendota, Summer 1968 by Chung Ling, the co-editor of this book. Although I prefer her verse form on the undermentioned pages, The Fall of Moon Lady, before the landing of Apollo X. ) Delightful poesy, and nicely translated. To be clear, this was an first-class and worthwhile undertaking. I would love to cognize more about female, Chinese poets. I guess now I know a spot more, but it is n't much. Poems of distance, intimate nature, yearning, seduction. Fairly short, yet comprehensive anthology. Screens from the beginning of AD times up till the twentieth century. Many adult females 's verse forms were shown merely to their confidants, but were ne'er published. In some instances. the poet herself or the parents of the poet destroyed her work so that the repute of the kin would non be damaged. -From the epilogue. Good that these voices could see some visible radiation of twenty-four hours. They are worthwhile. I truly love this aggregation. So many of the poets included are merely entire badasses. I was even pleased to happen a few sapphic verse forms in the clump. These adult females poets from circa 200BC to today talk to the really bosom of adult females 's issues and demands. They are passionate and compelling and I am happening a enormous adhering with their narratives and tests. It is brilliant to experience a portion of the flow of history and with tenderness and esteem, I count these adult females poets as comrades on my journey. I truly liked this book, good written and attractively done. Although, I did non care for the cheery portion involved in Wu Tsao 's verse forms. Why must there ever be a homosexual portion in everything today? This is n't even from today, but many old ages ago, but why must it be in at that place? ! Anyhow, there are a few racey parts I will acknowledge, but other than that I truly liked the book. Some of my favourites were- Eternal Happiness, The Sorrow of Departure, A Call to Action, Remembering, Drinking the Wind, and Midnight. Some of the oldest verse form go back every bit far as the second Century B.C. Charged with beautiful images, many of the verse forms are extremely titillating. Compared with the function of what we know now as western adult females 2000 old ages ago, these Chinese poets were astonishing ; I 've spent all forenoon in awe and joy reading this gem. Many soiled verse forms = titillating = good evaluation
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