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Demon Lord
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Pages: 368
Rating: 5.0

Original Title Demon Lord

ISBN 1591133386 (ISBN13: 9781591133384 )

Edition Language English

Book description:

Demons, sorcerers, assassins, betrayal, and one man's search for meaning in his life come together in Demon Lord. This is a sprawling adventure set in a fantasy landscape dominated by monsters -- both human and inhuman.

Book Authors:

Phil Elmore

Phil Elmore grew up reading his male parent 's aggregation of Mack Bolan novels. As a adolescent, he had no thought that he would one twenty-four hours ghost-write more than a twelve entries in Harlequin Enterprises ' long-running Executioner series. Today, Phil publishes fiction and nonfiction on a assortment of subjects, through multiple mercantile establishments, including his ain publication company, Samurai Press.A proficient author by trade, Phil Elmore is besides the Senior Editor of League Entertainment, an Intellectual Property development company based in Florida.

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