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The Tale of the Restless House
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Pages: 118
Rating: 3.3

ISBN 0671525476 (ISBN13: 9780671525477 )

Edition Language English

Series Are You Afraid of the Dark? #3


Book description:

Time-Warped! Nathan Forrester plans to scare Adam Ingram out of his wits. He's found the perfect place: haunted Hawkins House. And gorgeous Kendra Collins has agreed to bait the trap. But when Adam and Kendra and their friends open the door, they find only Nathan's backpack, loaded with Halloween tricks. Nathan is missing. Then they hear a scream. . . It's up to Adam to discover the secret of Hawkins House, where a terrifying past lurks behind each door. Where their only way out is death . . .

Book Authors:

John Peel

John Peel is the writer of Doctor Who books and amusing strips. Notably, he wrote the first original Doctor Who novel, Timewyrm: Genesys, to establish the Virgin New Adventures line. In the early 1990s he was commissioned by Target Books to compose novelizations of several cardinal Terry Nation Dalek narratives of the sixtiess after the rights were eventually worked out. He subsequently wrote several more original Daleks novels.He has the differentiation of being one of merely three writers credited on a Target novelization who had non either written a narrative for the Television series or been a portion of the production squad ( the others were Nigel Robinson and Alison Bingeman ) .Outside of Doctor Who, Peel has besides written novels for the Star Trek franchise. Under the anonym John Vincent, he wrote novelizations based upon episodes of the 1990s Television series James Bond Jr..

The Tale of the Restless House Essay

I 'm non traveling to lie this book is a spot nostalgic but is awful however. The characters are thin, the redaction is flagitious, and the narrative is non truly a narrative so much as it is a set up to characters rolling aimlessly, easy, so the dramatis personae of childs can little speak about the house and chitchat over the most mindless, non-story driven secret plan points in a duologue so alien a reader would non be mistaken for misconstruing that this could hold turned out to be that the childs were genuinely aliens, but that 's non the instance here etc. Amusing films from 60 - 70 old ages ago aimed at childs have more complex character dealingss and credible duologue, elements that this book needs but lacks, and therefore I repeat myself and stop this... This narrative has haunted me for YEARS. I could NOT remember the name of it, and all of my childhood books were packed off and unaccessible until now. I am traveling to reread this darn thing merely to acquire it out of my caput, as all I remembered were spots and pieces. I was n't certain if this would be really good, but I turned out truly wishing it. I can retrieve how much my sister and I loved watching Are You Afraid of the Dark when we were childs, and I had no thought 'till now that there was a book series. How dorky, I ca n't believe I remember reading this! I loved the childs ' television show Are You Afraid of the Dark? so much that when I happened to falter across this novel in the childs ' subdivision of a bookshop, good, I merely had to read it. I do n't really remember excessively much about it, except that it 's about a group of childs who get trapped in a house that is someway physically maintaining them from go forthing. And all I remember about the stoping is that some of the childs manage to interrupt the walls of the house so they can acquire out. Possibly.
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