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Pages: 154
Rating: 3.54

Original Title Dare

ISBN 0704311658 (ISBN13: 9780704311657 )

Edition Language English

Fantasy :: Science Fiction :: Speculative Fiction

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Though Earthmen first landed on the planet Dare 300 years earlier, they were still bound by the same standards of snobbery and fear...until Jack Cage, eldest son of a wealthy human, found himself strangely drawn to a spectacularly beautiful native. To consort with her meant death. But why? And what were humans doing on the planet anyway? Philip Jose Farmer's award-winning masterpiece is brought back to life in this beautiful package.

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Philip José Farmer

Philip José Farmer was an American writer, chiefly known for his scientific discipline fiction and phantasy novels and short narratives. He was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, but spent much of his life in Peoria, Illinois.Farmer is best known for his Riverworld series and the earlier World of Tiers series. He is noted for his usage of sexual and spiritual subjects in his work, his captivation for and reworking of the traditional knowledge of legendary mush heroes, and occasional bantering pseudonymous plants written as if by fictional characters.

Dare Essay

I was a spot defeated with Dare, my first ( and merely up to now ) book I read by Farmer. I liked the starting point, the whole environment and the subjects developed. But... although a batch seems to go on during the narrative, I could non acquire rid of the feeling that nil here goes deep in any manner. This book is in my sentiment really much superficial and visible radiation, despite the fact that some subjects deserve a batch more. Philip Jose Farmer is one of my top 5 favourite authors of all clip. This is an older narrative of his but still good worth the read. Very recommended Authoritative sci-fi/fantasy book. Farmer has a million originative thoughts and this is a great illustration of him drawing it off good. I can merely kick about two things: 1. it has no chapters. non excessively large of a trade since its a short book 2. its excessively short. Many fantasy authors would utilize this as a base for a much bigger narrative. He could hold used more pages fleshing out some of the characters or the universe. The good side to this is that we are n't left with some bloated, monolithic volume with more deadening duologue and expounding than necessary. I enjoyed the book right up to the terminal, where the supporters were dropped back to the same point they were in at the beginning of the book. Still, it 's a powerful book on race, bias and how society trades with both. I truly urge this book for anyone who is either a fan of Farmer, or may merely desire to read a good illustration of his manner. Stuff I Read - Dare By Phillip José Farmer Review Il mio primo romanzo di Farmer ; l'ho trovato decisamente ben fatto erectile dysfunction intrigante. Peccato per alcuni colpi di scena nel coda, un poco tirati per lupus erythematosus orecchie. Una lettura molto scorrevole. Not Farmer 's ideal authorship manner. Probably cramped by printing house limitations or some other external ground. Farmer is much more comfy composing the ace pervy material he tends to, and so that 's his best material. This is n't pervy, though it reads like it wishes it were. read it if you need to read something fluffy and schlocky with a low degree of committedness. Pongámonos en contexto: Es una novela corta de ciencia ficción escrita hace casi 50 años, lo que quiere decir que la podría haber escrito tu abuelo ; por eso tiene esos tintes tan viejunos, de gente en granjas que se asombra ante la llegada de tecnologías modernas hechas de metal. Pero no es ese EL único tufillo que destila esta novela, digna del mejor/peor género mush: está compuesta cogiendo stuff de diversos sitios sin coherencia aparente ( aunque tampoco la necesita ) y culmina con un deus ex machina digno de Stephen King, encima de forma acelerada, como Si lupus erythematosus corriera prisa EL boodle del contrato. I foremost read this book in the early Seventies. I was a preteen at the clip, and this book gave me a whole new apprehension of how people of different races could acquire along and unrecorded together. Farmer has ever been one of my favourite sci-fi writers. I loved his Riverworld series, particularly To Your Scattered Bodies Go which I have read at least 3 times. Dare started off with a great premiss that the lost settlement of Roanoke, Virginia ( including Viginia Dare and her household ) , along with some other unusual disappearings of the sixteenth century, were transported to another planet by an foreigner race called Arra as portion of some sort of extraterrestrial experiment. On the planet Dare there are several animate races including worlds and horstels -- a race of myth-like near worlds that resemble lecher and Sirens. Jack, the chief character of the novel, falls in love with one of these Sirens which is purely forbidden by his society. The narrative goes on to go an fable of war, race dealingss, and inhumaneness. It includes a group called the HK ( evidently derived from the KKK ) set on extinguishing all of the horstels. The last portion of this brief fresh includes a visit from a starship from Earth. The fresh so ends instead suddenly and unsatisfactorily. Overall, I was instead defeated in this weak narrative which could hold been more to the full fleshed out and developed by Farmer. Grade B+ . Worlds are found populating on a distant planet. How they got there was a enigma connected to the Lost Colony of Roanoke. The first half of this sci-fi novel might be some of the sexiest phantasy pornography of all time written, where a immature adult male 's fancy turns to an foreigner animal miss all artlessness and loving beastly adult female demand. A reasonably good early one from Farmer. What happened to Roanoke settlement? This is one narrative about it. This was one of those books where I merely truly had no thought where it was traveling. It 's non that it took me by surprise at every bend of the page, but it was more like I was a cervid in the headlamps - merely what the heck is traveling on here! ? I 'm fast going a immense fan of PJF, but this was merely... strange?
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