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Tuck Everlasting
Book details:
Pages: 4
Rating: 3.85

Original Title Tuck Everlasting

ISBN 1400099102 (ISBN13: 9781400099108 )

Edition Language English

Characters Winnie Foster , Angus Bain , Jesse Tuck , Mae Tuck , Miles Tuck

Literary Awards Lewis Carroll Shelf Award (1978) , Christopher Award for Books for Young People (1976) , Young Hoosier Book Award Nominee (1976) , Phoenix Honor (1995) , Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award Nominee (1977) ...more Children's Choice Book Award , Bluestem Book Award Nominee (2017) ...less

Childrens :: Young Adult :: Fantasy :: Fiction :: Classics

Book description:

Is eternal life a blessing or a curse? That is what young Winnie Foster must decide when she discovers a spring on her family’s property whose waters grant immortality. Members of the Tuck family, having drunk from the spring, tell Winnie of their experiences watching life go by and never growing older. But then Winnie must decide whether or not to keep the Tucks’ secret–and whether or not to join them on their never-ending journey

Book Authors:

Natalie Babbitt

Natalie Babbitt was an American author and illustrator of kids 's books. She attended Laurel School for Girls, and so Smith College. She had 3 kids and was married to Samuel Fisher Babbitt. She was the grandma of 3 and lived in Rhode Island.She was a board member of the National Children 's Book and Literacy Alliance a national nonprofit organization that actively advocates for literacy, literature, and libraries. hypertext transfer protocol: //us.macmillan.com/author/natali...

Peter Thomas

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Tuck Everlasting Essay

Such a profound narrative that is really meant for younger readers. The book does an astonishing occupation of arousing its reader to believe about life in a wide, deep and meaningful manner. It really puts into perspective certain things that we can merely conceive of. Tuck Everlasting, is an everlasting novel about the construct of life over mere bing. Most of us have seen the film ‘Tuck Everlasting’ as kids, Alexis Bledel stole our Black Marias as the pretty Winnie Foster with it. I have forgotten all of it now except the brilliant position of the wood as Winnie & Mr.Tuck. I read the novel merely this twelvemonth after desiring to read it for old ages merely because I kept burying. Love love love it Terrible perfectly awful I love the film, so I had to pick up the book when I found it at a used bookshop. It was a speedy read, but it made me smiling. The one difference that I did n't care for was how Winnie was so immature in the book. In the film, there is a love affair between Winnie and Jesse, which had added so much more weight to her determination. More like 3.5 stars, but I rounded up because it truly is a cunning small narrative. The authorship flows easy and she writes in such a manner that it 's easy to raise up the images she 's depicting... although that might besides be left over screenshots of the film I saw many old ages ago... which I besides loved! I wish I would hold read this as a kid. I would hold enjoyed it more than I did today. A book I will promote my kids to read in the hereafter when I have them. This is my fantasy book. Fun book and gives you positions on being immortal. Just so you know, when they say, The Wood, they 're speaking about the border of the forest. They do n't explicate that and it is difficult to calculate out. Great book! This is a great book! ! I thought the book was perfectly Amazing! ! ! I extremely recommend it. If your in for escapade this is the book for you. awww! ! this book was nil like the film but in a good manner. it was really sweet and guiltless alternatively of romantic, which is good because it is a kids 's book How would you take if you were offered ageless life? One of my favourite books from childhood, and one I can read over and over once more. Tuck Everlasting is a great authoritative, and is truly well-written and descriptive. It is an easy read and I loved it. Have you of all time wanted to populate everlastingly? One peculiar household named the Tuck’s can. The book that I chose to read was Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. Tuck Everlasting is the narrative about a miss named Winnie Foster and a household who she meets, the Tucks. The Tucks have a secret, they can’t dice. One twenty-four hours the Tucks drank H2O from a spring that was really a fountain of young person. Until the terminal of clip, they will remain that manner, they will non alter the visual aspect of the age they are at now. Winnie falls in love with one of the Tucks, Jesse, a 17year old male child who portions the same feelings for her. Winnie must take between being immortal and being with Jesse everlastingly or following the regular circle of life and decease. The Tucks attempt to learn Winnie why and how she should n't fear decease. However the Tucks have been the same for over 100 old ages. They would give anything to decease today. Will Winnie learn to non fear decease? Will she take to imbibe the H2O from the spring and be with the Tucks everlastingly? Read the book to happen out! Childs needed to read it for school, so I figured I 'd merely sit down and see what it was all about. It was an interesting book, I think it 's a absorbing debut to the thought of mortality - and the deductions of immortality - and accessible to kids. I did n't love it, but I 'm non its intended audience either. I would decidedly urge it for childs who are in the 4th-7th class age and I think it would arouse a batch of treatment. It could besides open up extra constructs about determination devising in general - If you want Ten, like the adult male in the xanthous suit did, what would it intend if EVERYONE did X? Was what he did legal? Was it right or incorrect? And constructs around when it is better to maintain information a secret vs. portion it with others. Thought provoking, and while an grownup might believe of it otherwise than a kid, I would promote any parent to read it and see the messages in it to portion with their kid. Is n't this material required reading? LOVED I really may hold liked the film better than the book! But, how can you non, cuz it was a pretty amazing film. I enjoyed larning more about the Tuck household, and was surprised that Winnie was merely 10 in the book, where I believe she may hold been like 18 or something in the film? So it was less love affair than I was anticipating, and more of a immature grownup read. Anyways, it was good! I have read this book twice now. Once around 4th class and one time in 6th class. This book truly puts you into position about how fortunate we are and how we take for granted our ages. We are ever stating, I do n't desire to turn up! or I do n't desire to acquire old, but we are non recognizing how lucky we are to see new things and unrecorded our lives to the fullest. This book teaches its reader to carpe diem, or prehend the twenty-four hours. I would urge this book to anyone who enjoys classical narratives and straight-forward escapade. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK! ! ! ! ! ! ! Honestly I would hold finished this in one twenty-four hours, but life is busy sooo... ..yeah. I loved how thematic the narrative is even within 140 pages, and wholly enjoyed the age old argument of immorality over morality. I would urge Tuck Everlasting to kids ages 10 and up. I believe that this book teaches a batch of vaulabe lessons in a charming manner. A 10 twelvemonth old named Winnie wants to run off from place because her overprotective grandma and female parent merely allow her play outside in the closed gate, she feels trapped in that closed gate so she rebells and decides to run off. Not so far, the Tuck is traveling to reunite with their boies who they have n't seen in ten old ages, as they go run into their boies they encounter Winnie by the charming well that grants ageless life. Winnie learns of the Tuck'story. 87 old ages subsequently and the Tuck household is still stuck in ageless life and it affects every individual one otherwise and wish to be able to travel back. Winnie desires to travel back to her household because she feels like the Tuck household has kidnapped her, nevertheless, a adult male in a xanthous suit saw all the events that happened and heared of the Tuck 's household holding ageless life. The charming well is located in the Foster 's belongings so he forces the Foster household to give him the land for Winnie 's return. You would decidedly hold to read the book to happen out the stoping which is something that you would non desire to lose. Natalie Babbitt is an astonishing writer! So descriptive and full of escapade. Life 's got to be lived, no affair how long or short. You got to take what comes. We merely travel along, like everybody else, one twenty-four hours at a clip. This is by far one of my favourite books. I perfectly love it but the terminal merely makes me desire to shout! ! ! ! ! She was suppose to imbibe the freaking H2O so she could populate everlastingly with Jesse but alternatively she wasted it on a frog! ! Great authoritative, loved this. Good book to utilize when discoursing imagery Fun book. Easy read. Great for childs. This book talks about a household who found a spring that made them unrecorded everlastingly. They tell their narrative to a miss who about drank fro the spring. It could be used in the schoolroom to learn credence of all people no affair their topographic point in life. Tuck Everlasting is the narrative of a miss named Winnie and the Tucks. The Tucks have a secret, they 're immortal because they drank H2O from a spring that was really a fountain of young person. Winnie falls in love with one of the Tucks, Jesse, a 17-year-old male child who portions the same feelings for her. Scared of decease, Winnie must take between being immortal and being with Jesse or taking to populate life and die someday. The Tucks attempt to learn her how she should n't fear decease. Very nice narrative, a small long on descriptions for a adolescent novel.
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