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The Perfect School
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Pages: 200
Rating: 2.0

Original Title The Perfect School

ISBN 0910167907 (ISBN13: 9780910167901 )

Book description:

Everybody wants a perfect school, but what does that really mean? If you could start over, what could you do to make your school perfect? That's what three top award-winning educators from Illinois asked each other, then dug into their respective areas of strength to answer. The result is a no-nonsense look at perfect teachers, perfect staff, perfect parents, and perfect principals, plus the features and steps required to spread perfection throughout any K-12. Rather than spend time defining an educational utopia, here is a book that provides a roadmap for every teacher, principal, superintendent, School Board member, parent, tax payer-and you.

Book Authors:

Jim Rosborg; Max McGee; Jim Burgett


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