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Reich's classic work on the development and treatment of human character disorders, first published in 1933. As a young clinician in the 1920s, Wihelm Reich expanded psychoanalytic resistance into the more inclusive technique of character analysis, in which the sum total of typical character attitudes developed by an individual as a blocking against emotional excitations became the object of treatment. These encrusted attitudes functioned as an "armor," which Reich later found to exist simultaneously in chronic muscular spasms. Thus mind and body came together and character analysis opened the way to a biophysical approach to disease and the prevention of it.

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Wilhelm Reich

Judaic Austrian-American head-shrinker and psychoanalyst.Reich was a well-thought-of analyst for much of his life, concentrating on character construction, instead than on single neurotic symptoms. He promoted adolescent gender, the handiness of preventives and abortion, and the importance for adult females of economic independency. Synthesizing stuff from depth psychology, cultural anthropology, economic sciences, sociology, and moralss, his work influenced authors such as Alexander Lowen, Fritz Perls, Paul Goodman, Saul Bellow, Norman Mailer, A. S. Neill, and William Burroughs.He was besides a controversial figure, who came to be viewed by the psychoanalytic constitution as holding gone astray or as holding succumbed to mental unwellness. His work on the nexus between human gender and neuroticisms emphasized orgastic authority as the foremost standard for psycho-physical wellness. He said he had discovered a signifier of energy, which he called orgone, that permeated the ambiance and all life affair, and he built orgone collectors, which his patients sat inside to tackle the energy for its reputed wellness benefits. It was this work, in peculiar, that cemented the rift between Reich and the psychoanalytic establishment.Reich, of Judaic descent and a Communist, was populating in Germany when Adolf Hitler came to power. He fled to Scandinavia in 1933 and later to the United States in 1939. In 1947, following a series of critical articles about orgone and his political positions in The New Republic and Harper 's, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) began an probe into his claims, winning an injunction against the interstate sale of orgone collectors. Charged with disdain of tribunal for go againsting the injunction, Reich conducted his ain defence, which involved directing the justice all his books to read, and reasoning that a tribunal was no topographic point to make up one's mind affairs of scientific discipline. He was sentenced to two old ages in prison, and in August 1956, several dozenss of his publications were burned by the FDA. He died of bosom failure in gaol merely over a twelvemonth subsequently, yearss before he was due to use for word.

Vincent R. Carfagno


Character Analysis Essay

Wilhelm would hold been great psychoanalyst and research if he has n't gone insane with this whole orgone energy thing. Another instance of seeing what you want to see, instead than what is. I do understand where he came from though... our society intolerance of honorable treatment of all things sexual is still prevailing and damaging us all. I do n't believe I have all the cognition needed to to the full understand this book but Reich ne'er seems to convert me, although there are some interesting parts in his work. A must read to anyone interested in how their inner composites manifest in mundane life. Real comphrehensive through the many facets of Chracter analysis, and the beginnings of the emotinal pestilence, stairss to reconstruct patients to n orgiastic stte alternatively of hve them suffer with nouroses, become psychotic, or whtnot. Describes many instance surveies in item, and besides includes the superb essy on the Schizhophrenic Split, a malady even Reich ne'er got to the underside of. That being said, it is existent sad to see this superb head-shrinker sycophant being reasonably much forgotten in the litterature, all the while a figure of poeple are acquiring really good by rebranding his techniques, and naming it their ain find while excluding several important constituents while deling with the enigmatic nature of the human head. When I read it as a pupil in Tübingen in the 70s - I wrote 2 notes in this book: Lordose page 382 and Orgasmusreflex page 388 - besides I underlined many sentences and even whole paragraphs and pages - in short, it reflected precisely my thought and described my feelings etc... ( dali48 ) Y aquí descubrí que el psicoanálisis no Es lo mío. Rly. By far Reich 's best book of all the 1s I 've read. I 've ne'er thought his Orgone energy thoughts had much credibleness, but this was written when he was an active collectivist and still in most ways a Freudian analyst. Surely much better than anything Carl Jung of all time wrote. Led Zeppelin, Lou Reed, Charles Bukowski, Ernest Hemingway, William Burroughs…they all leave me with a feeling of emptiness. Don’t acquire me incorrect, I think they are all superb, and I enjoy them all ( with the exclusion of Led Zeppelin ) . However, I can merely take them in little doses. Why is that? I’ve come to the decision that they, among others, are masculine-centered. There is nil incorrect with maleness or diging into your gender experience, but it does stop up being nonreversible. I would experience the same manner about a book that excluded the male experience, every bit good. It leaves me with the feeling that something’s losing and makes me sad. I don’t believe this should discourage people from sing their art, though. It is one facet of the rich human experience. You merely hold to be in the right frame of head for it.
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