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The Jesus Incident
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Rating: 3.7

Original Title The Jesus Incident

ISBN 1857989457 (ISBN13: 9781857989458 )

Series The Pandora Sequence #1

Characters Morgan Oakes

Science Fiction :: Fiction

Book description:

A determined group of colonists are attempting to establish a bridgehead on the planet Pandora, despite the savagery of the native lifeforms, as deadly as they are inhospitable. But they have more to deal with than just murderous aliens. Their ship's computer has been given artificial consciousness & has decided that it is God. Now it is insisting--with the considerable force of its impressive array of armaments to back it up--that the colonists find appropriate ways to worship It.

Book Authors:

Frank Herbert

Frank Herbert was a critically acclaimed and commercially successful American scientific discipline fiction author.He is best known for the fresh Dune and its five subsequences. The Dune saga, set in the distant hereafter and taking topographic point over millenary, dealt with subjects such as human endurance and development, ecology, and the intersection of faith, political relations, and power, and is widely considered to be among the classics in the field of scientific discipline fiction.He was the male parent of fellow writer Brian Herbert.

The Jesus Incident Essay

While I am a great supporter of Frank Herbert, and like many I believe 'Dune ' to be one of the finest illustrations of sf world-building I have of all time read ; some of his novels fail to prosecute me with the same asperity as his olympian 'Dune ' musical composition. In 'The Jesus Incident ' , the ab initio counter planet of Pandora is attractively realized, with many of its truly unusual and fantastic officeholders breeding graphic flashes in my appreciative head, the existent narration itself proved to be unquestionably less enchanting. Much of this is down to the capable affair, I have perfectly no involvement in divinity ; so the remarkable intrigues of 'The Ship ' , or 'Ship ' , depending on how profane one is experiencing did n't grip with any true narrative force. Regretfully, 'The Jesus Incident ' was non a peculiarly enlightening experience ; but, that said, those with an involvement in monotheism might reap much more from this tome than I did. Dune is one of my favourite books of all clip, so I decided to eventually ramify out and read some of Frank Herbert 's other none-Dune related plants. My first choice was The Jesus Incident, which after reading it I found out is really the subsequence to Destination Void - D'oh! Nevermind though, you do n't necessitate to read Destination Void in order to understand or bask The Jesus Incident. This series of books are so fantastic and animating. The combination of writers who have different gifts - a poet and a maestro of be aftering - shows each off to their best advantage. Reporting sporadically to Rob as I read this book, I noticed that from an foreigner 's position it could look a spot incoherent. Take a spot of forbearance to parse out the different characters and clip lines at first... wrapped up Much better than it started out and made me desire to pick up the subsequence. Spoiler free. Soooooo, Frank Herbert truly loved ringers and accelerated gestations! But yeah, even though I 'm a small spot doing merriment of that I really truly liked this book a batch. I 'm non wholly certain I wholly understand it, but I truly liked it, and liked the tempo and the challenge of it all. Plus, eldritch life on another planet! A animate s/Ship! You know I 'm all over that! Re-read. A good read, non one of Herberts best but deserving reading. I truly enjoyed the Dune books, but this 1 was n't for me. I loved the Dune books, Frank 's Dune books anyhow, but I tried to go forth any outlooks I might hold had about this buttocks in an attempt to give this book it 's due. It took a piece before I found the beat of this work. I have likely read this 4-6 times and go on to bask it. The Jesus Incident is the most eldritch and unbelievable book I have of all time read. The book has Raw Creative Power! Often when I was reading it my custodies would get down to agitate because of the beauty and strength of the book. That being said it is eldritch, eldritch, eldritch. Not every bit cosmopolitan as Frank Herbert 's Dune, but to me, much better. Remember that you have to read Destination Void to understand The Jesus Incident. Great, Fabulous Book! ! ! from the preface in the kindle version it 's pretty clear Herbert did n't hold a batch to make with this book and less with its subsequences. I was n't a large fan of dune but I 'd state if you were, this might be worth a expression. developing characters, perplexing narrative at times, and ne'er truly seems to acquire anyplace. The series encompasses a twosome of thousand old ages yet I ne'er truly cared about what happened to any characters. A great construct that has n't been good fleshed out. Finish: Void ( the prequel to this book ) had some earnestly strong construct traveling for it, every bit good as an interesting, reasonably good developed secret plan. The thing that plagued it though, was the ageless paragraphs of fictional technological theory. I can follow a argument sing a construct, and I normally enjoy making that. Want I do n't bask, is abundant descriptions sing all the trifles that are required to turn that construct in world. I 'm non interested in natural philosophies ( particularly fictional maps of natural philosophies that can merely use to this book ) . I 'm non certain that traveling for the audiobook version was a really good pick - it confused some names and obscured some analogues that would otherwise be more obvious ( I do n't intend Jesus Lewis - that is made merely excessively obvious ) , but I liked it all the same. Herbert is still more about esoteric doctrine and spiritual unfavorable judgment based on historic scientific discipline than anything I would normally read as sci-fi. He merely stages it all in some cosmopolitan theatre of undetermined infinite and clip conveying out all the participants to move out this small experiment in psychological machinations. This is the instance of all accessible bad fiction, but I ca n't truly believe of anyone but Herbert to utilize this for edifice such a cryptic ambiance giving it about scripture-like qualities... Ranson likely merely enhances it. This is a tough 1 for me. There 's times this novel perfectly captured and engrossed me, and there were times when my eyes slid over the words without retaining anything, because it was merely... dense? Boring? Excessively confounding? All of the above? Read as audiobook. I found it variable, sometimes good other times boring. Possibly non a just reappraisal as acquiring audiobook working was thwarting. But I usually enjoyed blunt Herbert so I stand by my 3 ⭐️ evaluation. A eldritch sloppy bad trip of a book. Full of thoughts, but largely full-of-it. Science-Fiction Sort of redefines the term 'searching for God ' . It is besides a chilling thought experiment in familial technology ( where his ain creative activities lament Damn you Jesus Lewis! ) As you can see, I read this a long clip ago but it stuck with me. Pulled this book from used book shop and did non recognize it was # 2 in a series. I guess that is why I ever seemed a spot staccato with the flow of the narrative. Do n't believe I will read # 1 or the subsequences. A spot excessively uneven for me. This book confused me. I was unable to follow parts of Finish: Nothingness due to incoherent technobabble, but I feel like I was able to pick up the chief treatment on consciousness. The Jesus Incident did non give me as much grace. I 'm reading this series because I 'm a Herbert fan, and this does n't rather read like a Herbert novel. Where Dune 's ( or instead, the first three books ' ) overarching expounding was on prevision and the hereafter, the Jesus Incident had the same kind of soliloquies on godhood, consciousness, and 'the unity of life ' . It was much harder to hold on at what he was stating. One of the motives that comes up frequently is the shaping of something either by its antonym or against another background. Herbert does this with consciousness, life, and goodness. I found that a really interesting position. A truly good book, one that challenges the reader with complex and powerful subjects. Arguably a spot excessively busy, but still worth your clip seeking out. A favourite in my teens. Still rather good -- though I 've become more impatient with Herbert 's tics over clip. Ending a trifle unsatisfying ; reads more like required short-story reading in a ( college ) lit category. But the cardinal characters are obliging and the grim secret plan grinds them all transcending mulct. What the snake pit is this book about? . Decent narrative but I did non truly like the terminal. Not every bit predictable as I 'd feared, but still non really good. based on its premiss, I had hoped the book would hold a batch of deep and ambitious things to state about the nature of God and humanity... it fell abruptly. excessively much ransom non plenty Herbert.
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