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Bento: Story Art Box
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Pages: 84
Rating: 3.56

Original Title Bento: Story Art Box

ISBN 0964206943 (ISBN13: 9780964206946 )

Book Authors:

Dave McKean

Dave McKean is a world-renowned creative person, interior decorator, and movie manager who has illustrated several books for kids, including The Savage by David Almond, and Coraline, The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish, and The Wolfs in the Wall, wholly by Neil Gaiman. Dave McKean lives in England.

Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll ( B. 1949 ) is an award-winning American writer of modern phantasy and airstream novels. His introduction book, The Land of Laughs ( 1980 ) , tells the narrative of a children’s writer whose imaginativeness has left the printed page and begun to act upon world. The book introduced several trademarks of Carroll’s authorship, including speaking animate beings and universes that straddle the thin line between world and the surreal, a technique that has seen him compared to South American magical realists.Outside the Dog Museum ( 1991 ) was named the best novel of the twelvemonth by the British Fantasy Society, and has proven to be one of Carroll’s most popular plants. Since so he has written the Crane’s View trilogy, Glass Soup ( 2005 ) and, most late, The Ghost in Love ( 2008 ) . His short narratives have been collected in The Panic Hand ( 1995 ) and The Woman Who Married a Cloud ( 2012 ) . He continues to populate and compose in Vienna.

Neil Gaiman


Bento: Story Art Box Essay

Another acquisition from the yearss when I 'd sooner purchase a in writing book than eat properly, re-read on interruptions from Vanity Fair now.
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