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My Life With Groucho
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Pages: 485
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Original Title My Life With Groucho

ISBN 0816156077 (ISBN13: 9780816156078 )

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Groucho Marx became world famous as the fast talking, wisecracking man with the moustache and the big cigar. That was his public image. but there was another Groucho--a warm, loving family man.

This biography of one of America's most brilliant comedians is also the account of an intimate father-son relationship. Arthur Marx tells of his own stormy life with his father and what it was like to grow up with the Marx Brothers.

Book Authors:

Arthur Marx

Arthur Marx was an American writer, a former ranked amateur tennis participant, and boy of entertainer Groucho Marx and his first married woman, Ruth Johnson.

My Life With Groucho Essay

I unwittingly bought two transcripts of the same book -- Life with Groucho and My Life with Groucho, which is an emended and updated version of Life with Groucho. I 'm glad I did as each book has material in it that is non in the other. My Life contains tonss of information about the last old ages of Groucho 's life that evidently could n't be covered in a book that came out in the '50s. Life contains some letters Groucho had written to his boy Arthur and a version of Little Red Riding Hood that Groucho told him when he was a male child every bit good as other anecdotes omitted from My Life. If you love Groucho, you will desire to read one or sooner both of these. This is the 7th Marx Brothers related autobiography or life I 've read. It is more complete and apparently more nonsubjective than most of the others. It gives the clearest description of Groucho, particularly his concluding old ages, than any other I 've read. His death was sad and controversial. I ever enjoy reading about this period and the amusement universe. Grouch was a amusing cat and a existent individual. My Life with Groucho reads like a clip capsule. The first half is from Arthur Marx 's first edition that was released in the thick of You Bet Your Life success. Part Two was alone in that Arthur was able to speak about the first books release and the tenseness it caused in his family. Because this book was written across many old ages the tone does alter, most notably in the terminal refering Eden Hartford. The intimate position of the writer made this an exceeding expression into the life of the world-famous Groucho Marx. Despite the potency for prejudice I felt that Arthur Marx gave a just word picture of his male parent throughout. The funniest memoir I have of all time read. I heard my pa laughing in the other room one time. I went in to happen him reading my transcript of this book. He spent most of Sunday with it, hardly paying attending to the football game. The lone clip in history I had of all time seen that happen. One of many books I 've read about the early comics. I liked deriving some penetration into the private adult male. Having long been a fan of the Marx Brothers, I enjoyed reading about Groucho 's life, although the narrative surely becomes poignant at the terminal. There 's no uncertainty that Groucho 's life was an astonishing 1 ( as was his endowment ) and his boy, Arthur, has captured it good. Highly recommended. The first half was a wondrous capturing life of a mastermind comic. The 2nd half turned into a household political play with a gold-digging termagant at the centre of it taking advantage of an old Hollywood star. It genuinely was a rise and unfortunate autumn of a great comic. A amusing and sad bio written by a loving boy. The first half of this book is a pretty nice life with several points of involvement. The 2nd half, unluckily, is mostly dedicated to Arthur 's jobs with his male parent, and the diminution and autumn of Groucho. The first portion was non really compelling or good written. Part 2 was merely the antonym -- good, except for the being better written. The stars are for the narratives, non the authorship. Love Groucho because and, in malice of, his defects... and so does his boy, Arthur. This had existent possible to be a 5-star read. If I had stopped at the First Book, it would hold been. Interesting expression at the Marx Brothers and Hollywood written by Groucho 's boy.
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