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The Lost Princess of Oz
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Rating: 3.93

Original Title The Lost Princess of Oz

Series Oz #11

Characters Dorothy Gale , Tin Woodman , Scarecrow , Toto , Cowardly Lion ...more , Princess Ozma , Wizard of Oz , Guardian of the Gates , Jellia Jamb , Glinda , Shaggy Man , Button-Bright , Ojo , Unc Nunkie , Dr. Pipt , Scraps , Woozy , Betsy Bobbin , Hank the Mule , Ugly One , Trot , Cap'n Bill , Frogman , Cayke , Lavender Bear , Ugu , The Saw-Horse , Lonely Shepherd , High Coco-Lorum of Thi , Mr. H.M. Woggle-Bug, T.E. ...less

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Book description:

A search is underway for Princess Ozma and all the magic of the Land of Oz which have been stolen by a thief of very great power.

Book Authors:

L. Frank Baum

besides wrote under the name Edith Van Dyne, Floyd Akers Lyman Frank Baum was an American writer, histrion, and independent film maker best known as the Godhead, along with illustrator W. W. Denslow, of one of the most popular books in American kids 's literature, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, better known today as merely The Wizard of Oz. He wrote 13 subsequences, nine other fantasy novels, and a overplus of other plants ( 55 novels in entire, 82 short narratives, over 200 verse forms, an unknown figure of books, and many assorted Hagiographas ) , and made legion efforts to convey his plants to the phase and screen.

The Lost Princess of Oz Essay

2.5 stars So much enigma & suspense! I shocked myself by completing this in 10 yearss. I liked the new characters, Cayke the Cookie Cook & Frogman. Frogman 's get downing slightly resembled the beginning of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and at first I was n't certain how much I liked him, as he was feigning to be smarter & wiser than everyone else when in world he was n't. But after he bathed in the Truth Pond & was honest, I liked him more. The character kinda reminded me of Dr Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, & I could even see Jim Parsons playing him or giving a voice to him if this escapade were made into a film. Love it! The imaginativeness of the writer is astonishing particularly when he gives a batch of recognition to his readers. I love reading the writers notes that are with this book series. Another extremely inventive narrative from the pen of L. Frank Baum, this one is a full blown enigma. It seems the Princess Ozma has been abducted by individual or individuals unknown right out of her sleeping room in her castle in the Emerald City. To do affairs worse a figure of charming points that might hold aided in the hunt for her rich person besides been stolen. No clip is lost in directing hunt parties to the four corners of the Kingdom of Oz to look for their lost swayer. Meanwhile in another portion of the land, in the land of the Yips, a thaumaturgy, diamond studded dishpan has besides gone losing. The celebrated cooky baker of the Yips, who can merely bake her particular cookies with the assistance of the dishpan, sets out to retrieve it. She is accompanied by the Frogman, a man-sized, unsloped walking, dapperly dressed toad with psychotic beliefs of magnificence. The two offenses are so connected, and no existent advancement is made in work outing the enigma until the two hunt parties articulation forces. This had the secret plan of Mario is Missing. It was every bit as exciting. This is one of the best Oz books, hands down. Baum 's creativeness and capricious storytelling radiances through. The Frogman of Oz is introduced, and so is Ugu the cobbler. Assorted charming elements of Oz are explored including The Truth Pond and the Great Book of Records. The dramatis personae is reasonably big for the typical Oz book. The surprises are many. Princess Ozma is kidnapped, and it 's up to the Wizard, Dorothy, and their friends to deliver her. Probably the best Oz book since the first. Good characters, imaginative scenarios, and even some character bureau, instead than merely being a series of events that happen to and around inactive characters as is the instance with much of the series. I antecedently read this book in 5th class and once more, at least in portion, in college. This is one of the best books in the Oz series, in malice of Ozma being a demoiselle in hurt for about the full book. It takes a batch of people, non merely any one individual, to deliver her, so at least there is that. In fact, the book is so populated with characters that many travel off and Baum does n't even trouble oneself to follow them, so possibly the book 's biggest defect is that Baum follows the relevant hunt parties to the exclusion of the other hunt parties ( I guess Baum thought that The Shaggy Man and his brother and Ojo, Unc Nunkie, and Dr. Pipt had been featured excessively much late to be rate more than a reference, whereas Scraps had caught the imaginativeness of his letter writers ) . It might besides hold been better if Dorothy 's transmutation experiments with the thaumaturgy belt had been shown unexplained until subsequently, but possibly Baum did n't desire to do Dorothy look excessively baleful, but these are minor. The book besides has some reasonably intense philosophical treatment that shows some of Baum 's strongest influence from Lewis Carroll 's buildings of logic, but the tone is different, and Baum 's love of diverseness comes through the strongest. For an old kids 's book... there is a surprising sum of mature for the clip sarcasm. One of my favourite Oz books! reappraisal to come ( possibly ) I had started to acquire reasonably bored with this series but this one stands out and is likely one of the best. For the past few books we were introduced to new characters on journeys in parts of Oz that we had n't heard of earlier, acquiring themselves into quandaries that an original Oz character would salvage them from in the last 10 % of the book after as if by magic pouncing in to salvage the twenty-four hours. It got deadening and excess. In this book, we eventually end up back in the Emerald City with our original dramatis personae of characters and all the characters that have come after and are populating in the metropolis with Ozma and Dorothy. Except Ozma has gone losing along with her charming Picture, the Wizard 's thaumaturgy tools, and Glinda 's charming book so no 1 knows what has become of her. They set out to happen their darling swayer. The best character in this 11th book in L. Frank Baum 's Oz series is the Frogman, who unlike virtually every other character in the series realizes he 's non every bit particular as he thinks he is. That 's a major event in the series, to be certain. He realizes this after taking a dip in the Truth Pond, and so, even more unusually, Baum still ends up utilizing him the same manner he handled every other character, as particular despite his defects. it is merely similar Harry Potter One mulct forenoon in the Land of Oz Dorothy decided to demo her friends around. Because cipher can every bit much as sneezing without inquiring Ozma 's permission - I have this feeling - Dorothy went to Ozma and realized that the latter disappeared: cryptically and without any hint. Not to worry, Ozma had a charming image which could demo any what any individual was presently making. It turned out the image is losing excessively, and so are all of Wizard 's charming bangles. The latter rushed to Glinda merely to larn that her charming book and the remainder of her charming debris disappeared every bit good. Actually both aces appeared wholly incapacitated and useless without their charming material, so a hunt expedition is assembled. This book was really intresting my word do read it. Fun escapade. Baum is eventually conveying in tonss of his characters into one narrative. This clip Ozma and tonss of charming implements are losing, and everyone goes on a hunt to happen out why. The Oz books are ne'er precisely bad, but it seems the farther I get into the series, the more phoned in the books seem and the more L. Frank Baum 's failings as a author become evident. It seems in every book he introduces three to four useless characters who are basically repetitions or fluctuations of old characters, and they NEVER GO AWAY. This is by far the most bloated dramatis personae in the series, with multiple paragraphs devoted to merely presenting everyone in the scene each clip they encounter a new character. This gets boring highly rapidly, which is excessively bad because this is really one of the better secret plans compared to other books this far in the series. The scoundrel 's interesting ( for one time it 's non the Nome King ) , the premiss is alone, and the declaration has a degree of moral complexness that 's decidedly unusual for the series. It 's merely unfortunate it took a group of 10 ( and subsequently 14 ) characters stumbling over each other to state it. Oz aggregation reappraisal to come. Look for it on my web log in 2016. My Rating System: I candidly think Ozma should hold remained lost. She 's one of the most useless characters in this series with every bit powerful as she purportedly is. With this book, I feel like I 've missed something between it and the last 1. When did Dorothy acquire the thaumaturgy belt back? She gave it to Ozma, did n't she? And its abilities seem to hold changed, without account, in this 1. An all right book, but I 'm truly ready to be done with this series as it no longer has the thaumaturgy and joy of the original narrative and the characters are acquiring more bothersome as it goes on. I did like the stuffed bears though. They sounded truly cunning. Questions left for me, why, and how, did Ugu steal Toto 's growl? And where was the Hungry Tiger? He 's normally practically attached to the Lion and was wholly absent in this book. He 's non even mentioned. Another escapade for Dorothy and her friends. This one was really different some how. A little more adult up still childlike for certain though. But the character 's really developed. Like, some of the original older characters, alternatively of merely presenting new 1s. I love the Bear King. This book is authoritative Baum - merriment fairy-land escapades, all manners of originative and amusive oddnesss, great assortment of characters. A great narrative for childs, or for any fan of Oz. Probably my favourite of the series so far. Loads of interesting characters and the first clip L. Frank Baum brought together two ab initio separate narrative lines. This book has all of the creativeness and imaginativeness you would anticipate from an L. Frank Baum Oz book, but it does n't fall into the extremely episodic trap that some of the old Oz entries did. In this book, Baum stretches himself as a author, weaving together several narrative strands and making a more cohesive narrative. It 's a great book. The enigma secret plan provides a reviewing alteration to the keep crawls that characterize most of the Oz novels. This felt much more like a regular OZ book. Yes.another good one! ! I perfectly enjoyed the enigma of Ozma and all the stolen thaumaturgy, the escapades and the new characters. The gait is speedy and I was wholly caught up in the narrative. The lone thing I did n't wish was the fleet salvation of Ugu. They all become ace good in the terminal and that`s annoyance ( cause, allow 's face it, scoundrels are much more interesting than heroes ) but what can you make? other things make up for that and I truly, genuinely liked this 1. A new job, but still the same old solutions. Baum 's authorship manner seems to be maturating a spot, but he 's still a formula author. lol I have and read all of L.Frank Baum books.. It’s been a piece since I started reading the Oz series. Looking back my chief purpose was to eventually read the narrative I had heard a twosome of times before. Since it’s a children’s book series I ne'er had that much outlooks but some of the books truly surprised me while others bored me to no terminal. One of the better Oz books. But it was still yet another travelogue, though it read less like one. As has been true for the last few books, the newer characters are the best characters in this 1. Dorothy is feeble. However Scraps if reasonably good, reasonably amusing. There was some existent struggle in this one, though it ended instead suddenly. 3.5 of 5.
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