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The Boys In The Brownstone
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Rating: 3.31

Original Title The Boys in the Brownstone

ISBN 0739456504 (ISBN13: 9780739456507 )

Fiction :: Gay :: Glbt

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There s a lot more to gay life in the big city than Queer As Folk, QueerEye, and Will and Grace!

A "gentlemen s bar" on Manhattan s Upper East Side, the Brownstone is aquaint oasis of Chippendale and Sondheim in a wasteland of chrome and clubkids. But the boys in the Brownstone aren t all gentlemen. And their livesare anything but quaint. This sparkling collection of witty,affectionate-and disturbing-tales of the city will induce smiles, chuckles,and chills as it weaves through a colorful assortment of characters linkedtogether in the most surprising ways. Join them at the Brownstone as theygather together-some for the first time, others for the last-on the nightbefore Christmas Eve in this smart and funny first novel that s not aboutlifestyles-just lives with plenty of style.

A richly detailed slice of gay life in the big city from screenwriter KevinScott (Key Exchange), The Boys in the Brownstone is alive and kicking withthe ups and downs of the real world where gay men may be hot, funny, andfashionable but are also real men with jobs, families, and fears. Withhumor, heart, and a little bit of courage, they deal with the issues of gaymarriage, gays in the priesthood, AIDS, diversity, narcissism, consumerism,circuit parties, and everything else that comes with the territory whenyou re living in gay New York City, circa 2004.

Book Authors:

Kevin Scott

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The Boys In The Brownstone Essay

The Brownstone, a cheery saloon on the flush Upper East Side of New York, is frequented by a varied mixture of hung-up cheery work forces ; and the staff a mix of immigrants and streetwalkers. As the narrative unfolds in six parts it centres in bend on single characters or groups of characters, their lives and loves, with the Brownstone as a point of mention. The different persons appear and reappear in the narratives as their lives intersect. early homosexual novel... all right read
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