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Where the Truth Lies
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Rating: 3.64

Original Title Where the Truth Lies: A Novel

ISBN 073669482X (ISBN13: 9780736694827 )

Mystery :: Fiction :: Thriller :: Crime :: Mystery Thriller

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Renaissance man Rupert Holmes, who has won Tony, Grammy, and Emmy awards for everything but the kitchen sink, returns to delight readers with his first novel. When a wry young journalist known for her celebrity interviews begins a book-length piece on singer-actor Vince Collins, she discovers that he and his comedy-team partner, Lanny Morris, are less than an open book. On and off stage they are inseparable - until a mysterious death casts a shadow upon their friendship. When the pair parts ways, the journalist finds herself caught between them, knowing more about them than they realize, and less than she would like, but increasingly fearful of knowing too much. As the punning title suggests, getting at the truth could lead her into a funhouse of lying mirrors.

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Rupert Holmes


Where the Truth Lies Essay

By and large talking, this is solid work. I liked the storyteller, despite what seemed at clip about an attempt to set the audience away. The narration was snappish and ask foring in a manner that helped me non desire to agitate her for some of the determinations she made. I did hold the added benefit of holding seen the film, and therefore being able to see Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth as Lanny and Vince, which helped a batch. ( I could non accommodate Alison Lohman to the book storyteller, but I found her curiously cast in the film every bit good. ) Even cognizing the turn, I enjoyed the unfolding beds of secrets. Like I said, solid work. Loved it, loved Holmes ' authorship manner adequate to do me seek out his other work. Do n't desire to botch what is a ace read, but it was first-class! ! I did n't like the chief character, and the book was needlessly complicated. This was really a good enigma. I loved the word pictures of Disneyworld and old Hollywood. I gave it 3 stars because I thought it was a small excessively raunchy, but otherwise, it was gratifying. Author Rupert Holmes is a existent Renaissance adult male. A musician early on, celebrated for Escape ( The Pina Colada Song ) , he 's written 2 novels ( this book was his first ) , and dramas, including the Tony winning The Mystery of Edwin Drood, which was based on Dickens last, uncomplete, fresh. So, he 's won a Grammy, a twosome of Edgars, and several Tonys. I read his 2nd novel, Swing, aka The Musician 's Daughter, a twosome old ages ago, and truly enjoyed it. When I spotted this one, at the library, I grabbed it instantly. The narrative is set in the '70 's, told in first individual, by a female author, who wants to compose a book about the interruption up, under unusual fortunes, of one of the great comedy Acts of the Apostless of the '50 's ( who are really much like Martin & Lewis ) . The premier circumstance seems to be the determination of a dead adult female, in the bathing tub of their hotel room, upon their reaching, in New Jersey, from Miami. There 's much more to this than meets the oculus, and the author gets in over her caput really rapidly. There 's a batch of suspense, and a distorted secret plan, which makes for some serious page-turning. I would urge this book, to any serious enigma fan. 245 - 2015 This is an abridged version of the narrative. I enjoyed the authorship and found the characters interesting. The storytellers Ana Gasteyer ( particularly! ) and Michael McKean were besides great. My lone unfavorable judgment has to make with the abrupt stoping which may hold been a pick in the abridging. An excess spot of trifle: Rupert Holmes had the hit Pina Colada back in 1979. Kind of a brainsick embellished narrative of Jerry Lewis and Dean martin and why they split, slaying, mafiosi and the Hollywood life. Of class it is written as 2 other names, to protect the inexperienced person and to do you inquire if any of it is true. Who knows, who cares. It was and interesting read, decelerate at times and manner to graphic, but I did complete it. You read it and find your ain ideas on it. Far superior to its movie version, Where The Truth Lies gives us a bold, brasslike, messed up, and amusing supporter in K. O’Connor, every bit good as a tightly plotted and pleasurably tense enigma. The novel’s sexual content sometimes seems to be traveling on automatic pilot, nevertheless, unpluging the reader from O’Connor. Still worth a shooting, though. Excellent character traits The book is better than the movie. Changing Vince 's background changed the character and motivatioons of Vince. Okay, I to the full admit the chief ground I sprang this book from its Nice, warm place on the library shelf was because the writer 's name caught my oculus. Rupert Holmes? Surely non the same Rupert Holmes who wrote one of most iconic soft stone hits of the '70 's, and, by the way, one of my favourite vocals from my childhood, even though it certainly must hold pained my female parent to hear her nine twelvemonth old sing about doing love at midnight in the dunes of a ness? Yes, the same Rupert Holmes, and, yes, based on his name ( and song ) entirely I checked out this book. One of my favourite books of all time. I could read it once more and once more. Loved the narrative - personally I could n't state that the writer was male. I recommended this book to my hubby and he loved it every bit good. Did n't care for this one. Holmes is a terrific author. Good narrative. This book is non of the kind that I normally read, in that it was far more in writing in linguistic communication and sexual content than my tolerance degree normally permits. That said, I am otherwise a fan of Rupert Holmes, and at that place was so much else in the book that was intriguing -- character, narrative and good written descriptions -- that I kept coming back to it for more. My favourite parts were the noteworthy 1970s descriptions, both of Hollywood and New York, manners and idiosyncrasies, but particularly the descriptions of Disneyland. It was besides a funny manner to compose a enigma because you do n't even happen out what the offense is until good into the novel, although our supporter starts screening out the truth from the beginning. Interesting Martin & Lewis enigma. It surely is intriguing... a veiled narrative of the Dean Martin-Jerry Lewis partnership with some flooring secrets revealed. Ultimately, though, it becomes excessively extraordinary. For some ground this book did non run into my outlooks. The book turned out much different than I thought. This likely is non the best book by this writer, at least for me. The heroine was a small excessively slutty for my gustatory sensation but she made up for that by being gutsy and of all time the optimist. Merely when I thought I had the secret plan figured out the writer would throw in a turn that I ne'er expected so the last few pages were existent page-turners. My favourite thing about the book was the nostalgia of hearing the names of all those old Television and wireless announcers, memories of LA in the 50 's and 60 's, and particularly Disneyland in the old yearss. His descriptions of The Magic Kingdom truly brought back a batch of memories for me. A few of his inside informations of the times made me inquire How could he perchance cognize about that? This book is truly good, one havent finished yet. the writer is really... graphic in what she writes, i like it. Did n't do it through the first chapter. Possibly composing as a adult female was n't his best thought. BLECH. good book, bad film, although one otherwise enjoy egoyan. I loved this surprising book. Although I 'm tempted to watch the film version, I think I 'll remain off from it. I do n't desire to botch my mental film. positives: images of 70s were rather graphic. really absorbing secret plan and gratifying to read. stamped I 'd seen the film some clip ago but could n't quite retrieve the secret plan. I did retrieve the turns though, which I wo n't uncover. I picked this up on caprice while I was mourning the fact that I had finished Rebecca. I thought it might be in slightly of the same play, enigma, suspense, love, etc... 22-pages in, it referenced Rebecca, and I knew I was in for a good clip. Part rubbishy read, portion emotional novel, Holmes keeps up the gait so you do n't desire to set it down and so jimmiess in some phrases so gorgeous you merely gaze at them. Adult fiction ; mystery/suspense. There are tonss of turns in this one for people who enjoy enigmas, and tonss of other material for people who do n't. put in the 70 's in Hollywood, a journalist delves into the dark secrets of a comedy couple. All a spot phantasmagoric and perverse. excessively weak for a good investigator novel. I LOVED this book -- turns and bends -- mobsters, drugs and slaying. However, the film made me desire to turn in my rank card for the Colin Firth Fan Club. STAY Away from the film. I read this book because I saw Atom Egoyan 's adaptation of it a twosome of old ages ago. It 's rather a spot different from the film. Still a nice read. Moves at a good gait. It 's a thriller/murder enigma.
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