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The Road From Coorain
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Rating: 4.05

Original Title The Road from Coorain

ISBN 1556908598 (ISBN13: 9781556908590 )

Literary Awards Pulitzer Prize Nominee for Biography or Autobiography (1990) , Laurence L. & Thomas Winship/PEN New England Award (1989)

Nonfiction :: Biography :: Autobiography :: Memoir :: Cultural :: Australia

Book description:

One women's journey from a childhood in Australia's outback to adulthood as a successful American career woman. The Road From Coorain is about Everywoman, for it is about childhood loneliness, anguished parent-child relationships, dawning sensibility, discovering a vocation, and finding one's own sense of self.

Book Authors:

Jill Ker Conway

Jill Ker Conway, AC ( born 9 October 1934 ) is an Australian-American writer. Well known for her autobiographies, in peculiar her first memoir, The Road from Coorain. She was besides Smith College 's first adult female president, from 1975–1985, and now serves as a Visiting Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2004 she was designated a Women 's History Month Honoree by the National Women 's History Project. ( from Wikipedia )

Barbara Caruso

Narrator Barbara Caruso is an complete actress and critically acclaimed audiobook storyteller. A alumnus of London’s esteemed Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, she was a featured participant in the Royal Shakespeare Company. She has played starring functions on Broadway and in theatres across the state. She won the Alexander Scourby Reader of the Year Award for her public presentations of immature grownup fiction, and has more than one hundred Recorded Books narratives to her recognition.

The Road From Coorain Essay

Thingss I liked: A true narrative attractively written I truly enjoyed reading this life narrative in that my life followed a similar waking up of the place of adult females in society ( without the household troubles ) . Interesting true narrative An impressive memoir of a immature miss 's childhood on a distant sheep station in the Australian outback, and subsequent instruction in Sydney after her male parent 's decease and the remotion of the household to Sydney. It is a narrative of adversity overcome and individuality discovered written with powerful linguistic communication and unusual sensitiveness. After university surveies in Sydney, the writer went on to Harvard for a PhD in History and finally became the the president of Smith College. Jill Ker Conway 's narrative reflects life of an extraordinary adult female. loved it SLOW memoir that could hold benefited from a ruddy edit pen. WAY excessively much about her female parent. The stoping felt rushed. Very dry, no wit, except for my favourite line about have oning baseball mitts meant for England in Australia. Interesting memoir of the adult female who became the first female president of Smith College. Her narrative of her childhood in the outback of Australia and her ulterior involvement in the history and current ( mid-1950 's ) relationship of that state to the British Commonwealth and other Pacific states made me desire to read more on the topic. I recommend this to anyone: ) such an astonishing memoir. Though I found this really difficult to acquire into ab initio, it turned out to be a attractively written, thoughtful, intelligent narrative which I truly enjoyed. Very insightful and I learnt a batch about this state I call place. I was drawn in from the start. Jill has such a poetic manner of depicting non merely the landscape, but the people and events - and her responses to them all. Her narrative is uplifting because of the manner she is able to foreground the beautiful, warm and amusing togss that wove through the heartache and injury that were portion of the cloth of her immature life. I will return to this book - but first I will read the remainder of her journey! ! The memoir of Jill Ker Conway 's old ages turning up in Australia was good written and I enjoyed it. She writes in such a manner that you feel you are right at that place with her, be givening the sheep, get downing school in the metropolis, being frustrated at non acquiring a occupation merely because she was a adult female and other facets of her life. Beautiful book of words, imagination and human strength and infirmity. Very good book, but dejecting purchase uplifting stoping. Deserving reading, different chapter manner. About a miss 's household digesting adversities throughout the Australian wildnernand beyond. Would urge. This is a fantastic autobiography. I found it enormously fulfilling because the defeats the writer had with her life, and the good things, were things I could place with but could non ever say. Therefore it is difficult to compose a reappraisal as my response is personal but I enjoyed it so much I want others to read it. It is a really hearty book for those desiring to cognize about Australian society. It is fulfilling in footings of the writer herself sharing her experiences happening herself here in Australia and, finally, what she needed to research in her life. The authorship manner is easy to read, about like holding a private conversation with person. It is set in early last century but is still really accessible. It does non read as dated and yet it seems to me that it should. I think it is the writer herself that makes it read as if it were person you merely met, no sense of age or farness. The lone thing I do n't wish is the rubric and I mention it merely because it does advance a sense of olde worlde Australia and this in unfortunate - think Road to Gundagai - but merely because it could set you off from reading it. It really put me off, along with the antique screen, but gratefully I was harassed into it. Utica book group I truly loved this book. Must re-read it though to retrieve why An amazing memoir that I sailed through. While reading this I frequently wonder if I could hold survived the abrasiveness of such an environment and upbringing. I admire the doggedness of the writer. One of my favourite memoirs. This brilliant history of Conway 's early life in Australia is a literary star. She immerses the reader to the full in the outback with its tough conditions and civilization. A topographic point necessitating robustness, Conway develops the same quality as a little kid on horseback in the sheep land areas with her male parent. That it paid harshly on household life was no surprise. Many referees found this period the best stuff, more interesting than her troubles as a adult female in the university. I ca n't state that I ever enjoy non-fiction particularly memoirs but I found this book intriguing. From the descriptions of turning up on a sheep station in Australia to the loss of loved 1s and the finding to follow her true passion, Jill Ker Conway kept my involvement from start to complete. It was a great book nine read and I plan to urge it to others. This is my 3rd or 4th clip revisiting this book and with every read I enjoy it vastly. Jill 's poetic manner of authorship is elevated while still being accessible. She paints a really clear image of her life turning up in the Australian shrub and is ever willing to analyse herself and her household with an unfastened head and a acute oculus. Her self find as a female bookman in a stoic adult male 's universe ever opens my eyes. I loved the authorship and exhaustively enjoyed this book. Jill Kerr grew up on a sheep spread in Australia and did n't go to formal school until her male parent all of a sudden died and her female parent decided to travel to Sydney. It was a unsmooth accommodation for her holding few societal accomplishments after a lone life stat mis off from neighbouring farms. Ultimately, she graduated with honours in History and English literature from the university in Sydney and started oppugning feminism, British colonialism and the influence of geographics on the character of the people. She finally moved to the US and became the first adult female president of Smith College. Wow! Enjoyed this book. Learned much about Australian back state, the overall society and its fractured relationship with Britain. The writer 's description of Australian Academia was amusing, sad and head numbing at times, so had to plane over some of that. Three and a half stars... ... . I was transported to another clip and topographic point Loved the first half ; the 2nd half was tiring. I am traveling to be really sad when I finish this book. It is one of those books where you savor every paragraph. ETA Could n't assist myself. Finished it desiring more. This memoir is uncovering in many thoughtful and beautiful ways although the manner was at times pedantic/stiff. I recommend both the memoir and the film based on it. hypertext transfer protocol: // Excellent book! What an extraordinary kid and grownup. The narrative Tells of how this 7-year-old kid helped on her household 's sheep farm, making the astonishing physical labour one would ne'er anticipate from person so little. She grows up to contend sexism and go a universe category bookman and historian. All while emotionally back uping her female parent who has become a true cross for her to bear. She manages to maintain that stiff upper lip so socially necessary to the Crown 's solid citizens. Goal-oriented, non-stoppable people like Jill Ker are so rare and singular that I can merely look at them in awe. This decidedly makes me desire to read more from this writer. Loved this! This book tells the narrative of Australian Jill Ker Conway and the beginnings of her journey toward going a outstanding historiographer at a clip when that was unquestionably NOT a normal way for a adult female to take. Conway spent her immature childhood on her household 's sheep station, merely to be torn off by calamity when she was 11. After that, her female parent became progressively fickle, and with her brothers off at school, she was tasked with being her primary relationship. The book continues thru Conway 's 20 's and is filled with attractively descriptive authorship and penetration merely gained after old ages of contemplation. An first-class book detailing her way thru academe and life, stoping merely prior to her reaching in America. “Now I realized, in what amounted to a transition experience, that I was traveling to go against the codification of my sires. I would n't state myself any longer that I was tough plenty for any jeopardy, could digest anything because as my male parent 's old friend had said, 'she was born in the right state. ' [ ... ] My parents, each in his or her ain manner, had spent the good things in their lives wastefully and had non been careful about reaping and care foring the experiences that nourish hope. I was traveling to be different. I was traveling to be life-affirming from now on, grateful to hold been born, non profligate in put on the lining my life for the interest of the dash of it, non all-too-ready to encompass a hostile fate.” p. 232
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