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The Rancher's Blessed Event
Book details:
Pages: 187
Rating: 3.08

Original Title The Rancher's Blessed Event

ISBN 0373192967 (ISBN13: 9780373192960 )

Series Twins On The Doorstep #4

Characters Cooper Dunn , Emily Dunn

Book description:

twins on the doorstep


The very sight of Cooper Dunn still made Emily's pulse race, but the last thing she wanted was to let him back into her life…or her heart. What Emily needed was a man who would stay, a man who would love her more than the next rodeo…a man who'd love the baby she was carrying.

Cooper made no promises—he'd help get the family ranch in working order and then he'd move on. But spending time with Emily awoke long-buried feelings—and made him yearn for a family.

And then the baby came….



The next generation of Murdocks continues the adventure of love!

Book Authors:

Stella Bagwell

At 17, Stella married her high school sweetie: Harrell, and they had a boy Jason. She began her composing calling about by accident. She was a hairstylist and worked in her sister 's beauty store. Ironically, Stella developed a terrible allergic reaction to hairspray and was forced to vacate. With clip on her custodies, Stella wanted to make something creative. She remembered a high school English instructor stating her she could be a author if she wanted. Although she ever loved reading love affairs, she ne'er thought to compose one herself. Armed with that now impression and an old, manual typewriter, she went to work, trying to make a narrative similar to those she liked reading. The result‚ her first book, purchased by Mills & Boon and issued under the Harlequin imprint. After that, she became a full clip author and today, has near to forty published novels. Her for the hereafter is to go on composing love affair novels every bit long as there 's an audience to bask her work.Next to authorship, going is one of her most favourite activities. Yet, because the sou'-west is beloved to her bosom, she sets most of her books there in rough, rugged ranch state. She feels it 's indispensable to cognize a topographic point before composing about it ; that doctrine gives her more ground to be after trips! The matrimony has ever lived in southeasterly Oklahoma. But, they purchased a part of a 22 hundred, acre spread ; they now make their place at that place. Before traveling onto the spread, she had a liquid pool in her back pace and spent most of her summer eventides in the H2O. Her hubby has promised to set in another pool, but for now she has to do make with the brook that runs through their belongings. The closest town of three 1000 is 15 stat mis off ; she says she loves the privacy, populating among the forests and Equus caballuss and wildlife. The lone thing she does n't wish is doing the 30 stat mi unit of ammunition trip to the station office or food market shop. Worse still, is the 85 stat mi trip to acquire office supplies! One of her greatest joys was to see Jason, her lone boy, alumnus from college with grades in math and physical instruction. He now lives in Port Lavaca, Texas, where he teaches high school algebra and geometry and managers football and weightlifting. Family has ever come foremost with Stella and she enjoys disbursement clip with her boy when he visits Oklahoma. Sometimes, she and her hubby thrust down to the Texas seashore to see him. However, her female parent, step-father and siblings all live nearby and they have everyday get-togethers. In her trim clip, she enjoys practising fiddle and guitar, both of which she can play by ear. She claims to necessitate old ages of pattern before naming herself a instrumentalist. Stella besides enjoys horticulture and being out-of-doorss.

The Rancher's Blessed Event Essay

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