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The Italian Doctor's Wife
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Rating: 3.74

Original Title The Italian Doctor's Wife (Mediterranean Doctors)

ISBN 0373064675 (ISBN13: 9780373064670 )

Characters Nico Santini , Abby Harrington

Romance :: Harlequin :: Contemporary :: Category Romance

Book description:

Nico Santini was a staggeringly successful children's heart surgeon—rich, handsome and brilliant. Who wouldn't want him to father her child?

Nurse Abby Harrington didn't! She was horrified when Nico announced he was the father of her daughter, born by donor insemination. Especially because Nico was now unable to have children. Baby Rosa was his last chance to be a father—and Nico demanded marriage!

Book Authors:

Sarah Morgan

About SarahUSA Today bestselling writer Sarah Morgan writes modern-day love affair and her hallmark temper and sensualness have gained her fans across the Earth. She has been nominated 4 times for the esteemed RITA® Award from the Romance Writers of America and has won the award twice. Sarah lives near London, England, and when she is n't reading or composing she loves being out-of-doorss. Look out for Miracle on 5th Avenue, Sarah 's latest release in her series set in New York City and coming in 2016.Join Sarah on Facebook: hypertext transfer protocol: // Follow Sarah on Twitter: hypertext transfer protocol: // Follow Sarah on Instagram: hypertext transfer protocol: // Follow Sarah on Pinterest: hypertext transfer protocol: // Website: Librarian Note: There is more than one writer in the GoodReads database with this name. See this yarn for more information.

The Italian Doctor's Wife Essay

Marriage of convenience narrative. Hero was so sexy and heroine was a sweetie. She was so alone she decided to hold a kid through a sperm giver. When Nico finds out he is a male parent and that the adult female who had his kid is entirely and a hapless nurse he decides to get married her. What more can I state - Morgan knows how to compose great characters. Competent medical forces, a gratifyingly HP apparatus, good grovel. Good plot line with a solid prose. One of the better books by SM. Or it could be that the Santini brothers are merely so easy to read. This was gratifying. Nico and Abby were sympathetic, particularly Nico who was one sexy physician. Abby 's motivations for shiping on individual maternity were questionable. But like Nico, I excessively came to understand and accept her motivations. Nico started out rather tyrannizing. However, he besides had a loving side to him which he displayed particularly with their babe Rosa. I love it when a sexy alpha is stamp and loving with his babe! I like this one. Except for hero being stubborn about heroine 's guilt in everything and so as stubborn in experiencing guilty about that this was a truly great narrative. I like how he sensed that she loves him. And I like that he did n't gross out out by that. I tend to believe that his withdraw from her dorsum in London was truly unwilled and because there was so much work in the clinic. I have a figure of love affair regulations because non everything is my cup of tea. I avoid cowpunchers and fire combatants, most ex-soldiers, heroines who are described as free spirited, and any book with a babe on the screen ( I don’t understand why this is sexy ) and until this book: physicians. great reads. .. ! ! A fantastic amazing read full of passion and appeal. Loved the colorful extended household both in Italy and the infirmary. Had to look up to the sexy physician for acknowledging he had been incorrect about the diffident nurse ; non one time but three times and being the first to state the words 'I love you ' . All this of class makes him more difficult to defy. You besides had to look up to the diffident heroine nurse in that she is able to give so much regard and understanding even when she was a small afraid of him and his consequence on her. The Italian Doctor 's Wife by Sarah Morgan was a good read. I liked the narrative, and I loved the characters and the struggle. It was all the angst, the hot Greek alpha-hero, diffident heroine and secret babe joy that I ever loved. Although the stoping seemed rushed I still enjoyed it. Biasa aja, kurang meremas2 hatiku hahahaha good the book was promising N had a good start but I got lost someplace in the center of the narrative. one mean I lost involvement. there was excessively much focal point on patients conditions at the infirmary N I found it tiring 3.5 This is a re-read for me. The Italian Dr 's Wife, book 1 in the Santini Brothers series is the narrative of Nico and Abby. Sarah Morgan knows how to make strong, credible and really sympathetic characters. She knows how to maintain the attractive force simmering between h/H and how to construct the tenseness to boiling point. My first Sarah Morgan novel surely entertained me. The initial premiss for the reacquaintance between Abby and Nico ( that he donated sperm to assist her conceive a kid, wholly unbeknownst to him that he was assisting his sister 's friend ) is rickety, but you 've truly merely got to go forth blunt world at the door when you enter the kingdom of a Harlequin Presents love affair, and travel with the flow.
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