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The Twelve Tasks of Asterix
Book details:
Pages: 56
Rating: 3.91

Original Title Les 12 travaux d'Astérix

ISBN 0340276479 (ISBN13: 9780340276471 )

Series Asterix film adaptations #1

Childrens :: Historical Fiction :: Fiction :: Comics :: Humor :: Cultural :: Graphic Novels :: Comic Book :: France :: Bande Dessinée :: Graphic Novels Comics :: Sequential Art

Book description:

Αλμπου της σειράς "Αστερίξ" της Μαμουθκόμιξ. Από την μεγάλη ταινία κινουμένων σχεδίων του Rene Goscinny και Albert Uderzo.

Book Authors:

René Goscinny

René Goscinny was a Gallic writer, editor and humourist, who is best known for the amusing book Astérix, which he created with illustrator Albert Uderzo, and for his work on the amusing series Lucky Luke with Morris ( considered the series ' aureate age ) .Series: * Asterix

Albert Uderzo

Albert Uderzo is a legendary Gallic creative person and illustrator, best known for his coactions with the late René Goscinny on series such as Asterix.

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix Essay

Actually I read the Indonesian edition at a bookshop. But I can non happen the edition in Goodreads, and do n't cognize the book inside informations ( and excessively lazy to seek the info in the cyberspace ) to add the edition in Goodreads. Rating 3.5. Probably it was n't the best Asterix book, but surely this was the best Asterix film of all time! Ne Desem bilemedim. Kisacik Bi cizgiromandi asteriks sevmeme ragmen sevmedim. figures of address and pun experts The book is different physically from the others since it consists of subdivisions of text with biggish drawings. Ha. I was n't traveling to go forth a reappraisal since I read this book so, so long ago, but I would wish to observe that there 's one undertaking I think of when things seem far more round than they should be. It involves Asterix and Obelix holding to retrieve a specific signifier in this bloodcurdling edifice, and traveling in circles in their efforts to happen it. The Twelve Tasks of Asterix – “novelization” of the ‘60s sketch, based on an original ( and funny ) secret plan which spoofs game shows ; the Roman Senate challenges A & O to execute 12 Herculean undertakings to find if these Gauls be Gods. Best of the spots is the 1 that pits Asterix’s marbless against bureaucratic futility, but there are other good 1s every bit good. AWESOME! ! ! There is nil that comes near to Asterix - I have the whole series, both on e-books and hard-copy and they are some of most cherished ownerships. I grew up with them and they are merely the best! This 2nd novelization of the Asterix movies was quite original and interesting. I loved the undertakings, though a twosome of them did non do sense. Because of illustrations attach toing the text alternatively of movie stills, it felt more like the cartoon strips than Asterix versus Caesar. The first of the dissatisfactory novelisations based on a film - non a amusing book like the others. Still, it 's a good manner of transitioning kids from cartoon strips to existent books. 5/10 Asterix and Obelix have to execute 12 undertakings similar to Hercules to crush Julius Caesar. Book of a movie so a spot like reading a book. I bet Hercules would hold loved to acquire some of Getafix 's potion, and have Obelix and Asterix as assistants... ( every bit good as Dogmatix of class ) La scène dans la Maison qui rend fou est de loin la plus mémorable, sans doute parce que quiconque a déjà Eu intimacy à l'administration française peut s'y retrouver. L'un de mes albums préférés, j'ai adoré suivre les aventures de nos deux héros à travers Ces douze différents travaux.
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