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Motley Fool Money Guide
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Pages: 432
Rating: 3.69

Original Title Motley Fool Money Guide

ISBN 1892547112 (ISBN13: 9781892547118 )

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In the latest guide from the respected Motley Fool, Selena Maranjian posses gives simple examples and real-world scenarios to demystify the complexities of finance for beginning and intermediate investors.Through an accessible question-and-answer format, this guide tackles the most common questions about understanding investing and stocks, managing portfolios, and evaluating companies. It covers such questions as "What do 'points' mean in the home-buying process?" and "Should I avoid stocks with high P/E ratios?" Like all Motley Fool books, this one is written in a breezy, amusing, but always informative style. Readers are pointed to many online resources both at and elsewhere for further insight and useful tools.

Book Authors:

Selena Maranjian


David Gardner

Tom and David Gardner cofounded The Motley Fool, a multi-media fiscal instruction company, in 1993. Since so they have co-authored four New York Times best sellers, including The Motley Fool Investment Guide and The Motley Fool 's Rule Breakers, Rule Makers.Librarian note: Ther is more than one writer in the GoodReads database with this name

Motley Fool Money Guide Essay

Informative. Lots of information on many fiscal subjects. Good to utilize as a mention book. “The Motley Fool Money Guide” by Selena Maranjian explains most of what you of all time wanted to cognize about fundss, puting, and disbursement as if it were your best friend. Published in 2001, much of the rates listed are grossly out-dated, but the general advice is really much still applicable. The book is formatted in a 500 question-answer layout that asks the cardinal inquiries such as, “What are some ways to cut down my debt? ” and “What is a dividend? ” Speckled throughout the usher are easy-to-understand what-if scenarios and informal commentary for boots. Dad made me read this book and I 'm excessively immature and inmature to appreciate it. it 's for old people! Ma 's my salvaging grace and she said I did n't hold to read the chapters on revenue enhancements, retirement and decease. A catechism for neophytes in the universe of personal finance, the Fools ' Money Guide presents reasonably simple replies to 500 normally asked inquiries about how to salvage and put your boodle. For illustration, What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average? ( An index of 30 major American companies chosen to stand for US industry ) Should I believe favourably of a company purchasing back portions of its ain stock? ( In many instances, yes. ) What is a nothing voucher bond? ( You get all the involvement as one large ball when the bond matures. ) Is n't puting in the stock market hazardous? ( Yes, the sanguine Fool confesses, it does hold some hazard. Sing the book was published in the thick of the flop, the Fool earns full points for understatement. ) Will this book put me to kip? ( Possibly, but it 's thick and soft-covered, so it will do a nice pillow. )
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