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Still Waters
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Pages: 448
Rating: 3.82

Original Title Still Waters

ISBN 0752837680 (ISBN13: 9780752837680 )

Edition Language English

Characters Elizabeth Stuart

Mystery :: Fiction :: Romance :: Thriller :: Suspense :: Romantic Suspense

Book description:

When Elizabeth and her son start looking for a new home, Still Creek seems the answer to their dreams. But on their arrival the locals are distinctly cool, and when Elizabeth gets involved in a murder case she finds there is more to it than meets the eye.

Book Authors:

Tami Hoag

Tami Hoag is the # 1 internationally bestselling writer of more than 30 books published in more than 30 linguistic communications worldwide, including her latest thrillers—BITTER SEASON, COLD COLD HEART and THE 9TH GIRL. Renowned for uniting thrilling secret plans with character-driven suspense, Hoag foremost hit the New York Times Bestseller list with NIGHT SINS, and each of her books since has been a best seller. She leads a dual life in Palm Beach County, Florida where she is besides known as a top competitory horseman in the Olympic subject of dressage. Other involvements include the survey of psychological science, and assorted soldierly humanistic disciplines contending. A adult female of eclectic gustatory sensations, to state the least, Tami was late asked to name seven things people may non cognize about her: 1. I was one time offered a occupation by a private research worker. 2. I have a licence to transport hidden arm, but ne'er do. I took the class for research intents. 3. My high school counsel counsellor encouraged me to go an actress, but I thought that was excessively impractical ( Of class, there 's nil practical about being a author, either, but at least I 'm non obligated to look good on a day-to-day footing. ) 4. I used to sing at nuptialss. 5. While I have no purpose of of all time acquiring married once more, I love watching Say Yes To The Dress. 6. I have legitimate smasher power in my right manus, and I 'm non afraid to utilize it. 7. When I 'm stressed out, all tech devices around me go balmy. I 've stopped tickers, and fried difficult thrusts. I one time killed a telecasting in a shop show by simply touching it. I 'm better off lodging to life 's simple pleasances -- like books!

Still Waters Essay

One of my front-runners. Kept me thinking till the last page. I have really read this book twice over the past twosome of old ages! I found this book to be instead bum Elizabeth Stuart and her boy, Travis, moved to Minnesota after a acrimonious divorce to get down over. Almost the first thing, Elizabeth discovers the organic structure of a outstanding local adult male who had been murdered. Determined to happen the slayer as portion of her attempts to take a breath life into the newspaper she merely bought, Elizabeth keeps runnung into barriers. Couched in what purports to be a fresh about offense and sensing lies a wealth of menu for the prurient head. There was a clip when the stripling head sought such pages with all the assiduity of a sleuthhound. Given the overplus of more openly marketed affair for this preference, it is diverting to happen such an writer. Another one of my front-runners in my top 5. The suspense and secret plan of this book was good, the love affair was a small excessively predictable though. The narrative has good characters and covers a scope of different subjects, assault, divorce, dependence etc. Though a little more deepness to some of the character 's yesteryear would hold been good like Cannon and Ellstroom. The subject of isolation was interesting. New face in a new town type of thing. Something people can associate to and easy to understand. It would be eldritch as a preparation journalist non to advert the fact that one of the chief characters Elizabeth is a journalist herself. Her desire for justness and truth is rather inspiring. I besides rather liked the thought of holding good resonance and raillery between the chief characters it made the narrative a little more exciting, and added dimension to the love affair. May non be the most modern and the stoping could hold been somewhat more dramatic but nevertheless it did surprise me somewhat. Good book if you love the mixture of enigma and offense with love affair. Listened to this as an audio book. It is good written. The heroine is a Texas miss with some unsmooth borders but still sympathetic. Other Texans would likely bask the book. Good narrative with challenging characters and tonss of secret plan turns and bends. 4.5 Stars. Roller-coaster of a book. A small slow at times but worth it when the action truly picks up. This book even managed to do me call. Loved it! More of a love affair novel than a thriller. Not one of the best Tami Hoag books, but still a good read. I did non like this book at all. I did n't recognize Tami Hoag wrote love affair novels and this book was written before she started composing the enigma novels. I ever enjoy Tami Hoag 's books, but can state that this is the 1 of her best, most absorbing, un-put-downable narratives. A rending narration with a healthy dosage of good love affair. Who done it was besides a surprise due to there being so many it could hold been... After reading the 'Alibi Man ' and happening it blue, I was n't thrilled about get downing the following Hoag choice, but I was cheerily surprised. It 's a reasonably typical mystery-thriller combined with a love narrative but I found the raillery between the hero/heroine entertaining. Hoag drops intimations here and at that place about who the scoundrel might be, and I had it figured out early on. Still, a satisfying and speedy read for a cheery twenty-four hours. 4 stars because I loved Elizabeth! Adding her to my list of non raging headless heroines of Hoag 's along with Liska and Elena. Romance scenes were tacky, but the enigma was good and the characters were interesting. Non-series - Still Creek, MN has slaying invade the peaceable community of English and Amish. Elizabeth Stuart, freshly arrived Southern grass widow and newspaper proprietor, gets involved with slaying and Sheriff Dane Jantzen, an ex-pro football player. Could n't past page 76. Did n't wish it at all. I bought this book at a sale since I wanted to read a new writer, the book was inexpensive, and the endorsement was non excessively bad and so I read the book. What did I believe? I thought Tami Hoag would be an writer I would bask but I 'm believing possibly non. This book was simply all right for me. Runing from a mussy divorce from a affluent adult male, Elizabeth Stuart and her 16-year-old boy move to a little Minnesota town. They are treated as foreigners in Still Creek and surmise when Elizabeth finds an unpopular developer dead in his auto. As editor of the local newspaper, she starts delving beneath the surface of the quiet population seeking for the truth merely to go more profoundly involved and fishy. Ihan mielenkiintoinen.Perusdekkari. Good narrative line and suspenseful. Sometimes it seemed like a love affair novel, but the authorship was first rate. This book focused less on the offense squad but instead more on the conflicting emotions of the chief characters and their sexual tensenesss. I finished it so it evidently was n't atrocious. I ever bask how Tami Hoag lets her reader know spots and pieces of the concluding result, but ever tugs around characters and throws in hints so as the finished mystifier is n't blatantly evident. Another great book from Tami Hoag. even the work forces in black can make dastardly workss Narrated by Joyce Bean, merely over 15 hours of listening. Still Waters is approximately 35 % truly good enigma and the balance is laughably bathetic love affair. The leads both have old relationship luggage that takes up pages of poor-me soul-searching. You’ll be tempted to fast-forward a batch, but careful non to lose a relevant issue in the slaying enigma. At least a 3rd of the relationship-issues absurdity could hold been skipped wholly and the book would hold been much better if shorter … much shorter. I exhaustively enjoyed this. Very much a one-off, unhappily Love the turns and turns! Keeps you thinking till the terminal
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