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A Leap of Faith: Memoir of an Unexpected Life
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Pages: 496
Rating: 3.79

Original Title Leap of Faith: Memoirs of an Unexpected Life

ISBN 075381756X (ISBN13: 9780753817568 )

Characters Noor of Jordan

Nonfiction :: Biography :: Autobiography :: Memoir :: Biography Memoir

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The dramatic and inspiring story of one woman's incredible journey into the heart of a man and his nation.

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A Leap of Faith: Memoir of an Unexpected Life Essay

I did non complete this book. Interesting to hear royalties struggles. Decidedly 1st universe jobs. Book was good and interesting. I seldom leave a book unfinished, but after reading about one tierce of this one I decided it merely was n't keeping my interested so I flagged it. Super interesting! Not the best authorship. This was a really different position of the Middle East than we normally see. I learned rather a batch about things in that country of which I had ne'er been cognizant. I loved this book. Queen Noor gives accounts for events in the in-between E that I was able to grok... .as opposed to the biased refuse that we get from the major web intelligence media. I wish that it went beyond the 2004 Afterword. I would love to hear Noor 's ideas on the current in-between E state of affairs. She spoke of the attempts of her and her hubby in respect to peace and tolerance... ..King Hussein would be so sad today. We 've gotten nowhere. really good and edifying book about King Hussein of Jordan 's American married woman. How she got at that place and the influence of life at that place on her sentiments of the Middle East at least how Jordan related to their in-between eastern neighbours and the West For a life the book felt a spot uneven. She does n't portion much of herself nor her household like normally done in lifes, it 's more of the aspirations of her and her hubbies work. There is a tonss of political relations, I did n't care for it, but it showed a whole new universe to me. I admire the authorship manner of the book. Particularly in the first chapters the text moves on three degrees really swimmingly. This was genuinely a lovely book, i truly enjoyed it exhaustively! I frequently find lifes a small dry, but this was attractively written and prosecuting. It was a love narrative, a history lesson, and a compelling narrative all at the same clip. I enjoyed this book rather a spot. I thought it was really clear and I found it really interesting to acquire her position on her old ages turning up, her matrimony, Jordan, and her experiences during a disruptive clip in the Middle East 's history. It besides made me desire to read more about King Hussein. While one can debate political relations and perceptual experience around the historical events that she discussed, I thought she explained her positions and place in a sensible manner. I would hold liked to hold learned a small spot more about Jordanian imposts and why they kept exchanging houses and such, but overall, a good read. It would be impossible to give this book anything less than 5 reflecting stars. Queen Noor tells her narrative and by extension the narrative of many in Jordan, and the Middle East as a whole, with grace and compassion, with history and a alone position on planetary events woven into it. I besides got to hear Queen Noor speak earlier this hebdomad. You can look into out my picture here https: //youtu.be/SFAMyZ8dvSc for more ideas on both the book and that event. A front row place as married woman of the King of Jordan is offered here during two disruptive decennaries, 1978-1999 with deciding the Israel Palestine struggle taking halfway phase. We are taken behind the scenes of the Oslo and the Camp David agreements to larn choice morsels, which is interesting plenty but still unfulfilling. Although Queen Noor is an impressive adult female, her memoir reviews Israel, all of which was just, but fails to supply one review of Islam, such as Islamic law jurisprudence, their intervention of adult females, allow entirely her unsighted support of the household sovereign that has significant control over the authorities. You ne'er learn that the adult females of Jordan were merely given the right to vote in 1974 but were blocked for old ages from using this right, albeit she discusses the trouble of doing alteration go on in this portion of the universe and clearly seeks advancement. However, noblesse oblige is the order of the Queen 's Day and clearly embraced wholeheartedly by her. No evaluation because I DNF'ed it at 35 % . I truly do n't believe it 's worth me giving it 1 star for the DNF, it was n't bad, it merely was non for me. I think for Non-fiction readers it 's likely reasonably great! I 'm non certain why I originally wanted to read it? Back when it came out, I think it was extremely praised and I thought it would be interesting? ! ? It moved truly slow for me and was reasonably dry. Work for life on this Earth as if you are to populate everlastingly, and work for the after in Eden as if you die tomorrow. non a book nine book but good non fiction and historical This was worthy of more than three stars, but fewer than four. I liked the information I took in from this book ; it served to educate in a manner that all Americans should be educated on the topic of the problems in the Mideast. My lone job with it was that her manner is so dry and lacklustre. I suppose that that may hold made her more credible so if her words had been dyspneic and full of exclaiming Markss, but a more alive manner of stating her narrative would hold made it easier to read -- and hers is a narrative which needed to be told and begs to be read. If one is to believe every word Queen Noor writes, her hubby was a saint and she the following thing to it every bit good. I do n't doubt that they are and were fantastic people, but she surely does n't brood on the negative -- nor should she, needfully. But it 's difficult to get down such flawlessness, is my point. Still, we in the US have gotten merely the place and position point of the Israelis for so long, that I needed to see this clear, well-spoken representation of the other side. The Palestinians have suffered under the unfairnesss of the land grab for Israel for manner excessively long, and unless the remainder of the universe starts listening to their side of the narrative, there will ne'er be peace. I do n't read much non-fiction and was non looking frontward to this, but I have to acknowledge, I loved it. AND in add-on to loving it, I feel as if I learned So Much about the Middle East and the many struggles at that place. And even though I 'm certain a batch of the sentiments she expressed were based on the fact that she loved her hubby, he does sound like a fantastic adult male. I would wish to read something about her life since the decease of King Hussein -- her function in Jordan, etc. 3.75 stars. Very interesting to larn about all the political relations of the country and clip period. Sometimes it was a spot excessively heavy on the political relations and got dry and a small boring, but it was still good for me to larn the history. Queen Noor brings much penetration and valuable history of the Middle E into this memoir. It reads more like a relate-able lesson with lovely personal anecdotes. She does compose like a queen - infixing adequate item to give you insight but non so much that you have a strong sense of her personal universe. I did larn a batch about the palestian -isreali struggle and if you are looking for information about this subject I extremely recommend this read. cbf booklist 12-13 Lots of info. This book broadened my skylines and changed my manner of believing about the universe. I enjoyed reading and larning about the state of Jordan. I 'm glad I listened to ( most of ) this book. There were times when my head wandered and I lost path of what was go oning. Other times I found it a absorbing manner to larn about the Middle East. Even though I know that it is a really colored history, it still made me upset about how the Palestinians have been treated in this century. Very slow traveling but interesting and educational memoir. Queen of Black Marias, our beautiful queen Noor Al-Hussain! [ Analyzing architecture ] was a captivating, multidisciplinary attack to apprehension and turn toing the most basic demands of persons and communities. Architectural surveies besides provided me with some practical accomplishments: a decreased demand for slumber and pattern in believing on my pess when confronting merciless reviews of my work. both of these would turn out really utile in ulterior life. I truly liked this book. Queen Noor an American married King Hussein of Jordan after his first married woman passed off. She loved Jordan and they had three kids. She tried to carefully equilibrate raising her kids while going with the King on his changeless chase of peace. This is a really warm and affecting book. Very interesting position on universe events. Filled with tonss of lessons on life, love and humanity, among others. A true joy to read. I read this for my library book nine ; it is non a book I would hold picked up myself. I learned a whole batch about the Middle East that I did n't already cognize. My concern is that Queen Noor 's position was really nonreversible ( for obvious grounds ) . I besides did non like how down she was on her native USA, but where did they turn for medical intervention, and besides instruction? However, she and the King did look to be a voice of ground and peace in the thick of major and complete convulsion. She has me interested plenty to make more reading on the topic. A absorbing expression into the Middle East -- and the head of an utterly devoted married woman ; )
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