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The Secret Agent: Drama in Four Acts (Collected Works of Joseph Conrad)
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Rating: 3.59

Original Title The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale

ISBN 074262675X (ISBN13: 9780742626751 )

Characters Adolf Verloc , Winnie Verloc , Stevie , Chief Inspector Heat , Comrade Alexander Ossipon ...more , Michaelis , Mr. Vladimir , the Assistant Commissioner , Sir Ethelred , Karl Yundt ...less

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A group of revolutionaries in the backstreets of 19th-century London plot the destruction of the Greenwich Observatory in this 1907 masterpiece of suspense. Rich in atmosphere and psychological realism, the tale centers on a shopkeeper whose double life encompasses a quiet family circle, active friendships with anarchists, and allegiance to a foreign government.

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Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad ( born Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski ) was a Polish-born English novelist who today is most celebrated for Heart of Darkness, his fictionalized history of Colonial Africa.Conrad left his native Poland in his center teens to avoid muster into the Russian Army. He joined the Gallic Merchant Marine and briefly employed himself as a wartime arms-runner. He so began to work on board British ships, larning English from his shipmates. He was made a Master Mariner, and served more than 16 old ages before an event inspired him to seek his manus at writing.He was hired to take a steamer into Africa, and harmonizing to Conrad, the experience of seeing firsthand the horrors of colonial regulation left him a changed adult male. Joseph Conrad settled in England in 1894, the twelvemonth before he published his first novel. He was profoundly interested in a little figure of authors both in French and English whose work he studied carefully. This was utile when, because a demand to come to footings with his experience, lead him to compose Heart of Darkness, in 1899, which was followed by other fictionalized geographic expeditions of his life.He has been lauded as one of the most powerful, insightful, and upseting novelists in the English canon despite coming to English subsequently in life, which allowed him to unite it with the esthesias of French, Russian, and Polish literature.

The Secret Agent: Drama in Four Acts (Collected Works of Joseph Conrad) Essay

Magnificent. Complex. After holding completed his chef-d'oeuvre ( or one of them ) Nostromo to comparatively small critical acclamation or fiscal wages, Conrad was under force per unit area from his agent, the unfortunately-monikered Pinker, to present short narratives for speedy sale. Wicked nihilists and dual agents in seedy London. If Dashiell Hammett had been a literary-minded navigation Polish gent, he might hold written this book. Come to believe of it, I 've ne'er seen Conrad and Hammett in the same topographic point at the same clip... Slow starting but picked up toward the terminal. Già l'inizio l'ho trovato pesante, proseguendo è diventato United Nations piccolo mattone. Meh... 2.5 stars. It took me a really long clip to acquire into this book even though it is comparatively short. The chief ground for this is because a good ¾ of the book revolves about political thoughts which didn’t animate me in the least. It felt really much like I was reading a text for a university class. The spots which stood out for me were the descriptions of the chief character’s married woman, Mrs Verloc and the inside informations of her interior ideas every bit good as the manner in which her younger brother reacted to state of affairss. I finished the book experiencing really small empathy for anyone at all, even Mrs Verloc, who is abused to the extreme by all those around her. This is non a book I would urge unless you are analyzing the authorship of Joseph Conrad in peculiar. I have read merely one other Conrad – Heart of Darkness and unhappily, after this, I will non be reading another. It is a simple narrative alright, so you do n't travel into it with any necessity of complicated secret plans or programs on portion of the undercover agent. What you do anticipate is more inside informations on the secret agent 's secret life. But all you get is a narrative of his domestic life and the reverberations of his work on the same and finally on his ain life, doing you feel that the book had so much potency but was left undiscovered. Well-executed matrimony of domestic play and spy fiction. Got vibraphones of Shakespearian calamities and Dostojevski. From slow get downing to a antic and gripping stoping. This is so good ( 4.5 stars ) and is so relevant to our twenty-four hours of terrorist act and domestic people being converted/used to commit offense against their ain states. But more than that, Conrad is a maestro of the ( assorted signifiers of ) human mind and the motives and interrelatednesss between people. Wow. A really startling book, with all the petroleum force at that place put down affair of factly. Very prescient of what was still to come on larger graduated table in twentieth Century. Besides brightly written: all Conrad with his sense of play and appreciation of the deepnesss of the human mind. Such a masterfully prosecuting read, a great delve into multiples personalities and a absorbing modern geographic expedition. I wanted to read about anarchism but alternatively I found merely some icky imitations without much deepness or compassion. I ne'er would hold picked this up but it was selected by our book nine. I found it seasonably and filled with wit and suspense. Conrad 's authorship is filled with allusions to other great literature which makes this a hoarded wealth Hunt of a book. ( Footnotes helped. ) The interior workings of a terrorist cell are examined in this narrative of political orientation and treachery. Should be required reading for military/law enforcement forces. A Not So Simple Tale Very slow read due to the convoluted linguistic communication used. Nothing endearing about the narrative or any of the characters - spot cheerless truly. A spot of a slow start as Conrad sets up his dramatis personae of characters, and it’s attractively written but I do happen I need to tune in to Conrad’s sentence construction. But ne'er mind all that, because the set-up is a long fuse that, when it eventually detonates around the center of the book, creates an emotional concatenation reaction that is among the most powerful in all of literature. The cardinal scene between Verloc and his married woman ( you’ll know it when you get to it ) is amazing – a tour-de-force of penetration into character, and merely approximately as dramatically tense a scene as you will of all time read. Not normally a Conrad fan, but this narrative of a terrorist act gone incorrect and the annihilating effects on the culprits is traveling and first-class. Reconozco su interés en la temática de fondo y viene de una pluma consagrada ( por otra obra ) , pero su prosa se me ha hecho cuesta arriba ; diría que me han gustado EL inicio Y EL desenlace, muy propios de su época, pero EL desarrollo hour angle sido doloroso Y tuve miedo de volver a caer en las redes de la desidia literaria y tardar Maines en terminar lo que debió durar una semana. I found this really gratifying. Plenty of enigma, cloak and sticker but besides plentifulness of disclosures of the characters inner ideas. Mr Verloc, the secret agent, of the rubric turns out non to be the lone 1 who is showing a false feeling to the universe around him. For me the most gratifying facet was Conrad 's satirical tone - did n't cognize he had one! Whilst I admired 'Heart of Darkness ' it was a suppression read, peopled by unpleasant characters. The Secret Agent, nevertheless, was a existent disclosure. The tenseness steals up softly, unlike the hapless nihilist, and before you know it, the secret plan is rushing along. The existent hero of the novel is non the agent at all, but Winnie, his married woman. I have n't awarded four stars as the narration does weave somewhat in the in-between subdivision and I felt distracted by it instead than intrigued. Highly recommended however! 3.5 I am giving this a 2 star evaluation as one truly could non acquire in to this book at all. I read it because we are discoursing it in a book nine that i am a member of. I have been seeking other things recently as I know that it is of import to truly seek new reading experiences that you would non usually thing of picking up nevertheless this peculiar book did nil for me. Merely found the characters truly hard to acquire in to and wish, the authorship was truly good and I feel that the Author did a good occupation of portraying the scene of the book. I merely found it a truly deadening and hard book to acquire in to nevertheless I can appreasheate the writers good authorship manner. -Tan existent en varios sentidos que resulta hasta preocupante.- Bu kitap öncelikle Roman görünümlü bir şiir kitabı . Böyle olunca nefret ediyorum işte. Bir sürü kitaba 5 yıldız verdim, pki ben şimdi bu kitaba kaç yıldız vereceğim? Bu kitap hepsinden daha güzel. I found this book a spot of slog. Over the 280 pages there 's non really much that happens. It 's chiefly merely long drawn out conversations between the characters. These conversations were decidedly better in the 2nd half of the book ; far more interesting and I found myself lament to happen out what was traveling to go on, nevertheless it took a really long clip to acquire to that point ; the first few chapters were really difficult traveling. Is this the beginning of the anti constitution and left flying position on terrorist act? Sometimes difficult to follow, but I got the effect. It 's no 007 escapade, but more dark like Dostoyevsky. From the outline, I thought I 'd truly wish this, a good written squashy narrative of nihilists in London... But the narrative is non go outing plenty to fit the genre, and the manner means the writer seems to pass a long clip depicting non really much. Just non for me. Gave-up half-way through ; every 10 pages, my head would get down to roll!
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