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The Art of Omar Khayyam: Illustrating FitzGerald's Rubaiyat
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Pages: 192
Rating: 4.18

Original Title The Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam

ISBN 1845112822 (ISBN13: 9781845112820 )

Edition Language English

Literature :: Classics :: Novels :: 11th Century

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This book describes a phenomenon unique in publishing history -- a book of poetry, published anonymously nearly 150 years ago -- purporting to be the translation of an 11th century Persian work -- which has remained almost continuously in print and stimulated at least 130 illustrators attempting to illuminate the verses it contains. The poetry in question is Edward FitzGerald's version of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam . Khayyam was a mathematician, astronomer and philosopher in 11th century Persia. Edward FitzGerald was first introduced to Khayyam's verses in the original Persian in 1859. Since then, there have been many hundreds of separate editions and reissues of the Rubaiyat, including many further translations of FitzGerald's work into other languages. Today, FitzGerald's Rubaiyat is one of the most universally known of all poems. It is also probably the most widely illustrated of all literary works. William Martin and Sandra Mason have produced the first serious attempt to examine the illustrated editions in detail. The authors tell the extraordinary story of the popularity of FitzGerald's Rubaiyat , and looks at how different illustrators have approached the task of interpreting the individual themes and topics of the fascinating poem. Although the book focuses on one literary work, it provides a history of the changes in book illustration, mostly in Britain and America, over the past century and a half. With some 300 color illustrations and covering the work of over 100 artists, it also provides detailed documentation on the illustrators and a bibliography of the illustrated version of FitzGerald's Rubaiyat . This will prove a unique reference tool for collectors and bibliographers.

Book Authors:

Omar Khayyám

Arabic: عمر الخيام Iranian: عمر خیام Kurdish: عومەر خەییام Omar Khayyám was a Iranian polymath, mathematician, philosopher, uranologist, doctor, and poet. He wrote treatises on mechanics, geographics, and music. His significance as a philosopher and instructor, and his few staying philosophical plants, have non received the same attending as his scientific and poetic Hagiographas. Zamakhshari referred to him as “the philosopher of the world” . Many beginnings have testified that he taught for decennaries the doctrine of Ibn Sina in Nishapur where Khayyám was born buried and where his mausoleum remains today a chef-d'oeuvre of Persian architecture visited by many people every twelvemonth. Outside Iran and Iranian speech production states, Khayyám has had impact on literature and societies through interlingual rendition and plants of bookmans. The greatest such impact among several others was in English-speaking states ; the English bookman Thomas Hyde ( 1636–1703 ) was the first non-Persian to analyze him. The most influential of all was Edward FitzGerald ( 1809–83 ) , who made Khayyám the most celebrated poet of the East in the West through his famed interlingual rendition and versions of Khayyám 's instead little figure of quatrains ( rubaiyaas ) in Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám. '

Sandra Martin


William Mason

William Mason ( 1719–1791 ) was a devotional author known for The Believer’s Companion and his notes appended to Pilgrim’s Progress.

The Art of Omar Khayyam: Illustrating FitzGerald's Rubaiyat Essay

Bir put demiş ki kendine tapana: من أروع ما قرأت عن الخمر ووصفها وحبها والنشوة المصاحبة لشربها حلو باستثناء ان نص كلامه عن الشرب والخمر Some pairs were astonishing: ) نمضي و تبقى العيشة الراضية .. و تنمحي آثارنا الماضية I 'm non even rather certain what this translates to, but the screen is perfectly arresting. Besides, Bill Kerwin gave it 5 stars, so that adds to its luster. “A book of poetries underneath the bough بنگر ز جهان چه طرف بر بستم ؟ هیچ حکیم عمر خیام؛ نماینده‌ی تام و تمامِ ایرانیان در فضا و جو بسته‌ی زمان و زمان‌ها ... Omar Khayyam was a Iranian Scholar, mathematician, uranologist, philosopher, and poet. On my list for old ages and it took merely a twosome of hours, reading two versions and a long editor 's debut. Lovely although poesy I am still larning to appreciate exhaustively. This interlingual rendition by Peter Avery and John Heath-Stubbs includes 235 of Khayyam 's rubaiyat. The first 143 are from Sadiq Hedayat 's edition of 1934, ( which is what the Nipponese interlingual rendition I reviewed here is based on ) . The remainder comes from 1942 edition by Muhammad Ali Furughi and Qasim Ghani. ( Both in Persian. ) * İnsan bastığı toprağı hor görmemeli: These yearss, I do most of my reading in English. If the book is written in English, it 's a natural pick, and even when it 's non, English interlingual rendition is more available because I live in the US. However, for this authoritative, I read the Nipponese interlingual rendition ( Ogawa, 1949 ) , that is worked straight from the original Persian. ربما يكون هو الكتاب اﻷمثل لشخص يتحسس أولى خطواته في الثلاثينات . Not one returns to state us of the Road, اين قافلة عمر عجب مي گذرد Needs a reread. Or several. The screen and the illustrations in this edition are beautiful. Pages are edged in gold. My Ma gave me this really pretty book Christmas 1994. I have tried to read it a few times... but it requires a batch of work, concentration and energy. I will seek once more! این قافله عمر عجب می‌گذرد - دریاب دمی که با طرب می‌گذرد This hoarded wealth of a book has been in my place since I was a kid and until now did I decide to read it. Omar Khayyam was a scientist, a wise adult male from Persia who lived in the last portion of the 11th century. Amazing poesy that is about a thousand old ages old! First, allow me state I read the free Kindle version. The debut was a warning that the interlingual rendition to follow was traveling to be Western, and it did look to be so. There were two versions, about indistinguishable in this transcript, and I preferred the 2nd 1. There were images and phrases that will lodge with me for their beauty and their connexion. I think I 'd wish to pick up another interlingual rendition at some point to compare them. لبست ثوب العيش لم استشر .. وحرت فيه بين شتي الفكر . ذكرها جبران في الأجنحة المتكسرة . Exceptional Ah Love! could you and I with Fate conspire “The traveling manus one time holding writ moves on. Nor all thy piousness nor humor can entice it back to call off half a line.” Some of the most beautiful poesy I have of all time read... I read this book when I feel down and ever happen a line or two that lifts me up. This is one of those books: you truly lose something in life if you do n't read it. من خلال قراءة رباعيات الخيام يمكن ملاحظة ان الكاتب لم يكن شخص واحد ﻻنها تناقض بعضها ومع الكاتب وهناك من يقول ان بعض من تلك الرباعيات نسبت الى عمر الخيام عالم الفلك المسلم .. قرآن که مهین کلام خوانند آن را / گه گاه، نه بر دوام خوانند آن را / بر گردِ پیاله آیتی هست مقیم / کاندر همه جا مدام خوانند آن را hypertext transfer protocol: // ... رحلة قرأة خيالية مرهقة مستنزفة للطاقة ودافعة للتساؤل والتفكير لم اتفق مع رؤية الخيام للوجود لكنني احببت قوله
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