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The Agenda: Inside the Clinton White House
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Original Title The Agenda: Inside the Clinton White House

ISBN 0743274075 (ISBN13: 9780743274074 )

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Characters Bill Clinton , Al Gore , Alan Greenspan , James Carville , Lloyd Bentsen ...more , George Stephanopoulos , David Gergen , Paul Begala , Hillary Rodham Clinton ...less

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The Agenda: Inside the Clinton White House

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Bob Woodward

Robert Bob Upshur Woodward is an adjunct managing editor of The Washington Post. While an fact-finding newsman for that newspaper, Woodward, working with fellow newsman Carl Bernstein, helped bring out the Watergate dirt that led to U.S. President Richard Nixon 's surrender. Woodward has written 12 best-selling non-fiction books and has twice contributed coverage to attempts that jointly earned the Post and its National Reporting staff a Pulitzer Prize.

The Agenda: Inside the Clinton White House Essay

A solid, if non dramatic, history of the run and early yearss of the Clinton presidential term. Books like this give a much needed word picture of the modern twenty-four hours worlds of our legislative procedure, offering a glance of the Wheeling, covering, and politicking necessary to go through even comparatively little reforms. Furthermore, it was intriguing to happen so many names and characters involved in this Clinton presidential term who are now working to elect another. Very glad to hold read this, even if it took me a few months. Not a bad read, but merely truly covers portion of the '92 run and the first twelvemonth of the Clinton Presidencyx This book describes how the budget and revenue enhancement bundle in 1993 went through the houses. The dialogues defeated Clinton 's thought of expenditure enlargement and Gore 's of environmental ordinances. The book made it easy to understand the power relationship of the president and the houses. Sell out I found this book in a 2nd manus shop in summer of 2016. I thought it might give me some penetration into operations in the White House, should Hillary Clinton be elected. I found the elaborate narrative interesting and was struck by a couple things -- the intelligence and political contemplation of Bill Clinton, the disorganisation among his closest advisers and Cabinet and the daring of Hillary. It is more than a small disheartening to larn how statute law gets mutated enroute to passage. It was besides interesting to see how unknown participants can hold a important consequence as parties vie for ballots. Woodward about channels Tom Wolfe in this play-by-play of life inside the Clinton White House. Interesting penetration into the early yearss of the Clinton Presidency as it relates to a really minor economic bundle. Book was written in 1994 and the prescient prefiguration was reasonably impressive. I 'm still digesting the book but some subjects are extremely intelligent, helter-skelter, internally conflicted, dreamers ( Bill & Hilary ) . It is striking how much of the idealism they both seem to hold lost. Typical Broad author. An interesting, in-depth position of White House and Congress operations, deal-making, sniping, and personality massaging in, really likely, any disposal. Lessons to be learned throughout, positive and negative. I found it as much about Clinton 's first go-round on the budget as about the exercised ability of Congress to writhe things to single favour and whining selfishness. A really good read. As ever with Woodward, to a great extent fact-based. Which is to state, a great read. I genuinely appreciate the work he does. Who would believe a book about Bill Clinton and his battle to equilibrate the budget would be interesting? Bob Woodward has done an first-class occupation of stating the narrative of President Clinton 's conflict with Congress to go through his new economic trade. Whether you are a Clinton protagonist or non, this is a absorbing read. This book is eerie for both the modern-day acquaintance of its subjects ( health care, stimulation, the economic system, stupid ) the strangeness of other subjects ( long term existent involvement rates that are non negative, an compulsion with the treatment being about entirely about a precise $ $ $ value of projected shortage decrease ) and the skips from the conversation ( unemployment rate, figure of occupations created, gdp growing, anything about the stock market ) . A absorbing narrative about one of the more unmarked sagas in Clinton 's first term, it reads more like a novel than a history. Woodward is first-class at painting a image with all the of import characters in drama, and doing the elaboratenesss of statute law seem fascinating even to the less wonky of his readers. I picked this up to read when I was house-bound with nil else to read. I more than probably will non complete it, which has nil to make with the book itself and everything to make with my reading involvements. One of Woodward 's better books. Some absorbing penetration into the early disfunction of the Clinton White House and, more significantly in retrospect, the immediate influence of Wall Street in his disposal. tiring! A clear easy read. Typical Bob Woodward. An thoroughly researched 'instant history ' of the first 100 yearss of the Clinton Presidency. A absorbing expression inside the early budget conflict of the Clinton disposal. The Agenda is a expression back on the first twelvemonth of President Clinton 's life in the White House as reported by Bob Woodward. Despite Woodward 's function as a newsman and editor on The Washington Post since 1971, the manner of composing he uses is that of a professional novelist. This is what adds on to the involvement of The Agenda. With a “compulsive, Grisham-like” feel to the novel, Woodward manages to do subscribing a measure sound interesting ( New York Times reappraisal of The Agenda ) . Brandan Williams is reading Woodward non at his finest but still a great expression at the interior workings of the White House in the Clinton disposal I did n't vote for Clinton, but still expected more from his disposal than it delivered -- national wellness attention and a conservationist energy policy at best, an honest international profile at least. This insider representation of the Clinton White House did non better my sentiment of the President, but it did rise my feeling of the Vice-President, Al Gore, betrayed by his foreman and ineffective as he was. Truly good overview of the conflict for the Clinton economic program in the first twelvemonth of his disposal. Amazing item and narrative. At times, it could be dry and heavy, but it was deserving it to maintain ploughing through to acquire the whole narrative. This book is particularly relevant now that the shortage is an even greater job than Clinton of all time had to face. Interesting to transgress in chapter 11 how Clinton was advised to cover with the shortage and recession. He was advised against the extremist policies being employed by the current government. This book inside informations Bill Clinton’s attempts to acquire a budget passed in 1993, his first twelvemonth in office. The book was written in 1994, so it’s interesting to read a contemporary history of a historical period. I enjoyed reading it and seeing how the procedure worked and how both Congressman and Senators make trades and forfeit this for that and prioritise what they’re willing to contend for. It was thwarting to read how moire down statute law can acquire, merely so something gets passed. It was interesting to read how Al Gore wanted an energy revenue enhancement that would assist control C emanations but that was sacrificed as portion of the dialogues. And here we are, 16 old ages subsequently, still worrying about C emanations and whether we should make something about them. Although at one point in the book it’s mentioned that Clinton wouldn’t be able to equilibrate the budget, even if he had a 2nd term in office. Yet at the terminal of eight old ages he really left office with a budget excess! A expression at the ill organized Clinton White House in the early yearss of his disposal. Since Woodward is portion of the constitution media which some folks accuse of merely printing fantastic things and gloss overing the jobs of the Democrats, one would anticipate this to be a cheerleading book. Well, it 's non! Woodward describes Clinton as desiring to prosecute in endless arguments and being slow to do a determination - this was rather frustrating to many of his Plutos with Washington experience. He is besides pictured as holding tantrums of temper - shouting, shouting, impeaching, etc. Sometimes action was merely taken after Hillary stepped in and made assignments and threw out some of the most pathetic statements. Maybe it 's a good thing that we got a two-fer. Hilary had WAY more influence and engagement than I realized. This book is an first-class expression at the interior workings of the Clinton squad during its presidential tally in 1992 and its first twelvemonth in office in 1993. Concentrating largely on the economic argument traveling on within the disposal and between the White House and Congress, it portrays a disorganised, frenetic procedure which however culminates in legislative triumph for Clinton. Though written in 1994, Woodward 's thorough research ( based largely on interviews and White House paperss made available to him at the clip ) and exceeding authorship accomplishments make this an first-class read even in 2009, as one can see certain analogues between what Clinton tried to carry through so and what President Obama is working on now. If you 're a political drug addict or want to larn more about the Clinton Administration before the media focused on nil but the dirts, this is a great topographic point to get down. This book is improbably relevant today as it depicts the tantamount clip period we 're in now in the Obama disposal merely with the last Democratic disposal. It 's intriguing to see the difference in the political environment between the two, but besides the analogues. Both White Houses were covering with a recession and the economic system as their top countries of concern, but Congress was so divided so and Clinton so much less popular that he had a much harder clip acquiring anything passed. At the clip this book was seen as a large embarrassment for Clinton, and it decidedly does n't shy away from portraying his mistakes, most notably his vacillation in doing large determinations. But reading it now, it seems like a enormously supportive work that pushed back against Clinton 's subsequent image in some broad circles as a right-wing sellout. In the first chapters of this book you 'll see the cabinet contending tooth and nail merely to acquire things passed like a $ 16 billion stimulation program ( yes, you read that figure right ) and the Democrats in Congress were about every bit conservative as the Republicans on economic issues. And this is before the GOP took over in 1994. Obama, with 59 much more progressive senators, complete Democratic laterality in the House, and a much larger authorization than Clinton thanks to his runaway election triumph, is runing in an highly different scene. Reading this, I ca n't assist but be excited about the first Woodward book to come out on the Obama disposal on pure amusement grounds entirely -- it 's highly good written and paced. This in my appraisal is the best of the Bob Woodward Inside the White House books. The Agenda work stoppages me as really even-handed, normally Woodward books are used by one set of topics ( those who talked to Woodward and as a consequence come off looking good ) to settle tonss against others ( those who snubbed Woodward ) , that seems non to hold happened here. I besides have to acknowledge that it pleases me greatly that the people within the Clinton White House that I had a soft-spot for ( Leon Panetta, George Stephanopoulos, and a few others ) come out mostly unharmed and the most contemptible of the clump ( David Gergen comes readily to mind ) are shown to be asinine stupids. Woodward has that eldritch ability to acquire that interior scoop, and does it once more with The Agenda. Pretty proficient read about the first twelvemonth or so of the Clinton presidential term. Chiefly read because I like Woodward. Enjoyable but a spot arcane - I did non follow political relations at all in 1993 and I have some catching up to make.
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