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The Picture of Dorian Gray (Penguin Readers Level 4)
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This is a series of simplified stories, designed as an introduction to literature. The series offers classics, best-sellers, film-titles and original stories. Each book has extensive exercises, a detailed introduction and information about the syllabus. They are published at six levels: level 1 - beginner (300 words); level 2 - elementary (500 words); level 3 - pre-intermediate (1050 words); level 4 - intermediate (1650 words); level 5 - upper intermediate (2300 words); level 6 - advanced (3000 words). The series is designed to be suitable for students of English as a foreign language, for students of English as a second language and for reluctant readers.

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Kieran McGovern


Oscar Wilde

Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde was an Irish dramatist, poet and writer of legion short narratives and one novel. Known for his biting humor, and a plenty of apothegms, he became one of the most successful dramatists of the late Victorian epoch in London, and one of the greatest famous persons of his twenty-four hours. Several of his dramas continue to be widely performed, particularly The Importance of Being Earnest. As the consequence of a widely covered series of tests, Wilde suffered a dramatic ruin and was imprisoned for two old ages hard labour after being convicted of gross indecency with other work forces. After Wilde was released from prison he set canvas for Dieppe by the dark ferry. He ne'er returned to Ireland or Britain, and died in poorness.

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Penguin Readers Level 4) Essay

Readers who appreciate humor and dramatic authorship will see the mastermind of the writer, and the virtue of the novel as a authoritative. Mr Wilde wove his deep observation of human psychological science, cagey analysis of society, and elusive yet brave declaration of a life for pleasance in his prose that promises to brush air currents into the corners of the reader 's psyche that call out in minutes of dark lucidity. I loved this book. Another of the best books I read. Possibly because it makes me believe... everything we do, it shows in our face looks, on our organic structures. We are what we eat and we are what we do. : - ) This book is a truly nice book and I 've enjoyed it truly much. It seemed at the beginning to me that this book got something interesting to travel on with it and read it. It is truly good and cryptic at the beginning so 100 % you will be able to read it. In this book it has everything you want offense, love, love affair, trueness, betrayal etc I could travel on with the list for forever. I truly loved this book and ruddy it for uninterrupted hours. Great narrative! It teaches a batch about people 's mistakes and life itself. One of my favourite quotation marks: Hezký . This is one of those books that I thought I ought to read. My lone other experience of Oscar Wilde is seeing The Importance of Being Earnest, which I love, and as this was free to download onto my kindle, I took advantage. One of my favourites. The Picture of Dorian Gray is a parable wherein the chief character, Dorian, ne'er ages, and appears beautiful to everyone, even though his actions are shocking. All the ugliness of his actions are transmitted to the portrayal his friend painted of him ; hence, he feels like he has free scope on making whatever entreaties to him - no affair who he hurts in the procedure. He additions infamy, but yet people are willing to forgive him because he is portion of the upper category and highly attractive. Not much has changed since Oscar Wilde 's clip. Who does n't desire to remain immature everlastingly? It was a pretty creepy read. The whole narrative crawl me out and scared me a spot excessively. The authorship is rather unusual, every bit good as the construct. But I do see where Oscar Wilde is coming from in this narrative, and how easy youth tends to be swayed by things they hear, particularly by negative influences. Sometimes it 's non about the narrative but it 's about the characters. Oscar Wilde 's 'The image of Dorian Gray ' is one such book. Anyone could narrate the same narrative go forthing me unimpressed. But the fact that the writer has so attractively painted his characters that each page into the book, one feels a sense of esteem to the characters. When one reads the book, one could easy misidentify the book for a repertory of the writer 's experiences. At the same clip, one wonders how the writer had such beautiful and varied experiences in life, given he was merely in his late mid-thirtiess when he wrote the book. The book to me has been a contemplation of the writer 's head. Equally much as the writer and several million readers have mused about the beauty of Dorian Gray, I have mused about the writer 's head. I found great beauty in that. This was my first venture into the plants of Oscar Wilde. I found this to be a absorbing read! It was attractively written and rather insightful. It provided an interesting and alone expression at the interior workings of the human spirit and the hunt for significance and felicity. It besides provided a monstrous expression at the consequence our picks can and make hold upon our psyche. This narrative is non for the swoon of bosom. This book seemed to me to be a discourse on morality, immorality and amorality. Basil was surely a moral adult male, Lord Henry was supposedly amoral but influenced Dorian to be immoral. I think in the terminal this turns out to be a prophylactic narrative to avoid amour propre and immoral life. I liked the book but I think some of Lord Henry 's soliloquies could hold been shortened. Absolute chef-d'oeuvre. book was great but stoping was let downing. Gay Men & Lit category at U of MN I read this merely after my senior twelvemonth of college, prior to get downing my existent individual occupation. While I found the book disturbing, I read it at a transitional clip in my life and somehow it spoke to me. I saw the increasing evil of Dorian Gray and resolved to populate my life with resolutenesss, non selfish amour propre. extravagant, decadent, indispensable. Full of fantastic and witty Oscar Wilde one-liners. Zing! ; ) If you do n't mind the homosexual undertones, it 's an interesting read. I found this book a spot dark, but it was a good read. It was interesting to see how Dorian alterations throughout the book and how something that may look moral to one individual may non to another. I wonder how my image would look if it changed daily based on my actions and determinations throughout life. Good narrative. Listened to it on Audio books... Wilde is long-winded - be warned! Oscar Wildes enige Roman heeft me gecharmeerd. Een boeiende vertelling over invloed, moraliteit en corruptie, een interessant hoofdpersonage en een erg rijke Afrikaans. Daar schuilt echter ook het minpunt in. Wilde durft soms serieus barok uit Te pakken in zijn beschrijvingen en zijsprongen, waardoor het boek af en toe helemaal stilvalt. Sommige hoofdstukken moeten genuine doorworsteld worden, terwijl andere lezen ALSs een trein. Een modern schrijver had waarschijnlijk serieus gesnoeid in de nietszeggende transitions, maar we moeten Dorian Gray in zijn tijdsgeest blijven zien. What a construct. Let the portrayal age while you stay immature. I can see how that could be appealing. I liked how it was written and Dorian is an interesting character. He 's led excessively much by a friend, and subsequently finds his life is n't what he wanted. Now he feels that he 's excessively late to alter. I learned non to accept portrayals from friends, non to do idle wants, to be grateful non to be cursed with boylike goodlooks, and to wish to be portion of a Gothic horror narrative. Spend clip around cathedrals, amongst corpses, on setts, in electrical storms, whaddyasay. Art for humanistic disciplines interest, sounds unsafe. Either Oscar Wilde was the dandiest dude in the full universe, or during this period England was more bally than Dresden during WWII. My notes and quotation marks: Interesting. good! You know more than you think you know, merely as you know less than you want to cognize. I 've read this many times, but I 'm presently learning it. Eldritch book but I truly liked it. Read it for a study on Oscar Wilde while in London.
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